Monday, January 31, 2011

this month- 250 miles. nintendo chat- 50 comments! ill take those numbers. january was a solid month.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

1 24 11 to 1 30 11

7,14,10,8,0,12,16. 67 miles. 242 this year, but who really cares about me steadily regaining fitness when you could instead be reading about people writing about playing nintendo ?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

nintendo/bo jackson. i got right to the point because im pretty sure you dont care about what i ran today when you could instead be posting about what you did before you knew about beating off. for those you who have decided to come back from 1987, 10 miles. 8x200. 35,34,36,33,35,34,35,31. i was all over the place with the times, most likely due to missing so many morkouts. it was good to get the legs turning over. as always, i could breathe ok but the legs were pissed at what i made them do. this was a very small step, but at least it was in the right direction.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

1 17 11 to 1 23 11

61 miles this week. feel better than a month ago. probably just jinxed it. nintendo chat link.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

friday 11 miles
saturday 14 miles

for those of you looking for the nintendo chatroom (hammetts, bonk), its on the january 20th post. i think its cool that it turned into a video game forum (implied nc), so feel free to keep it going. i should point out that i am the best at tetris.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

late night pisgah epicness, demon showdown avoided, nintendo chat room

wednesday totals- 3.5 miles at baker st, 6-7 miles snowshoe running, 2.5 hours hiking

i got out of work late but made it to baker st in time to cool down with the regular everyday normal crew. that night and into thursday morning, me and sontag and rock (english teachers cringe at my disregard for grammar) set out on a snowshoe trek in pisgah. we parked at gregs, borrowed some gear, then got started. the trails were groomed so the going was easy at first. that changed drastically when we got to the ridge trail where the toughest climbing was. we had to break trail and the snow was knee deep in a few spots. the hardest part was the thick layer of ice on top of the snow. we had to work hard to punch through it, then when we would lift our feet they would get hung up on the huge pieces of ice. i fell over a lot, much like uncle paulie in rocky 4, 'oh ! oh, damn!' (i tried to find a clip of this but i came up empty). surprisingly, it didnt bother me much (the terrible footing, that is. but i am extremely upset about not finding that rocky 4 clip), i think because i wasnt concerned with how fast we went. i was not expecting to see any other human tracks out there, but someone had come in through kilburn and linked up with the ridge trail. the boot prints were very small, and looked fresh. i was amazed at how long this persons stride was. something about it didnt add up, but greg assured me that it was probably just a demon or ghost of some sort that was haunting us. i guess in the end it decided not to kill us. i think the mountain lions felt the same way, so that was cool. the ridge trail seemed endless. it took 2 hours and it usually takes 30 minutes. we finally got done with that trail and got back onto the groomed snow highway. it was easy running the rest of the way. (it took 3:42, i have run it 1:21) we got back to gregs around 1230 am and he had chromium replacement beverages for us. i got home in time to get 5 hours of sleep, but it felt like 5 minutes. i was dead at work today but i didnt care. thats the price i pay for an epic adventure.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sunday, January 16, 2011

1 10 11 to 1 16 11

today- 12 miles. this week- 56 miles. this cold weather is killing my knees, but i can deal with it (thanks advil).

Saturday, January 15, 2011

10 miles. ran to baker st to watch fyffe and hammett crush a ridiculous workout. it was 10 degrees at the warmest. i dont know how they got their legs moving fast with it being so cold out. miller was there too, calling out splits. it was probably colder for him because he was on a scooter. it was a good morning for some regular everyday normal motherf***ers.

Friday, January 14, 2011

thursday- 8 miles with fyffe and ferenc. not an ideal pair to run with when youre looking for an easy day. luckily for me, they wanted to go easy, which meant it was moderately difficult for me. i hung on through the climbing and ended up feeling surprisingly good at the end (implied nc). also, the footlong subs, chromium replacement beverages, and you tube were good too. so it was a solid afternoon for just a few regular everyday normal guys.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

no baker st, no problem

wednesday 16 miles- me, greg, and goup decided to run the clearing instead of working out at baker st. it turned out to be a great decision and an epic run. this normally takes about 1:35 at a comfortable pace, but its got a lot of climbing so you dont really get too comfortable. today it took 2:04. i think we saw a total of 100 meters of bare pavement. the roads werent plowed that great, and we were slipping quite a bit. on the way up beech hill, we passed a plow truck that was stuck trying to go up the hill. this wasnt just some 4x4 pickup truck either. it was one of the big orange tank things and it was spinning out like an '89 corolla (yes i owned one when i was 19, and it was shitty). i felt like we were badasses as we blew by that truck. theres one section of the run with about a mile on the trails, and the snow was knee deep the whole way. it was awesome out there in the woods. the trees were covered and it just looked so cool. we came back out to the road and some people were outside shoveling and plowing their driveway. a woman asked us if we were crazy. i said 'every day someone tells me im crazy', i think goup said ' yeah we are', but i couldnt really hear him. that was because greg responded to her question with a noise that sounded like a cross between a fire truck with the most sirens ever and an insane patient fighting with the orderlies trying to give an injection because the person threw a shitload of chairs across the rec room. it was weird, but i got a good laugh. then we got to the otter brook dam and the wind was whipping. i wish i couldve gotten a picture of what it looked like because typing about just isnt good enough. ill try anyway. on the side closest to the direction of the wind there was about an inch of snow. the depth of the snow steadily increased across to the furthest part away. the drift was over my head, probably six feet high, and it was like that for almost the entire length of the dam. it might be one those 'you had to be there' kind of things, and im glad i was. we started getting a little cold after that, but the run was almost over so it was fine. we came to goup's road and ran the 30 seconds to his house on bare pavement (that was pretty much the only pavement we saw). the snow made it tough but it was worth it. im not sure if greg or goup thought it was awesome enough to write a novel about, but i did. this was one of the most satisfying runs that ive had in a long time, so i had to go on a rant. this run was a good replacement for not going to baker st, but there is no replacement for armadillos, so we went. it was good.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday, January 2, 2011

so far, i have not taken advil for any running injuries. this is because i finally dont feel injured (fingers crossed, knock on wood, etc). i did however need advil for a splitting headache yesterday afternoon (this is where you pretend to be shocked for 0.27 seconds, then you laugh while thinking about why i had a headache, and then finally you say 'what an idiot' or 'idiot savant, sans savant').