Tuesday, March 27, 2012

3 26 to 4 1

mon 11+ in 1:17 felt good and was moving at a decent pace for most of the run
tues 10+ easy pace, really sore in my bones and joints, time for some new kicks
weds 10 found some shoes with a few miles left in them and felt better. at least my legs anyway. had some major bathroom issues while trying to workout. i wanted to do at least 6x800 but i had to run to the woods multiple times so i only got 4 done by the time everyone was ready to cooldown. 248,243,240,240. not bad considering what i was up against. i would've liked to do more but oh well. when i got home i wasnt really tired so i got in a solid upper body workout. i usually dont like that stuff but this time i didnt mind it. maybe if i can get into a routine itll make my back pain go away. its been tough to sleep most nights the last month or so because of how tight it always is.
thurs 12 felt ok, almost felt good, but theres these things called hills, so other than that i felt fine. we went bowling after and replaced chromium and crushed a pizza. i bowled really bad but it was still a lot of fun.
sat 13 fast friends 4.5 mi road race. this race is accurately named. all of my friends ran fast, and i did not. unlike past disappointments, im fine with it. the good news is that i ran as hard as i could. i battled with larry for over 3 miles. we changed leads 3 times in the last mile(by leads, i mean 12th and 13). i managed to hold him off, but not by much. so even though I was over a minute slower (28:24) than my best time on that course (26:59), im ok with it. hanging out at andys house after was a lot of fun.
sun 22 easy miles, felt really good today. i wanted to run more but i couldnt feel my fingers cuz it rained the whole time and my gloves were soaked, so i went home. i couldve easily gone for another hour. being able to do an easy 22 makes me feel a lot better about being slow. for those of you who are lazy at math, 79 miles for the week.

Monday, March 19, 2012

3 19 to 3 25

mon 7 i wasnt sore at all, but holy $&@! was i tired. i headed out to the trails where no one would see how slow i was going. i tried to focus on enjoying being out in the woods alone. it helped a little. tomorrow i should feel better. hopefully ill feel good enough to workout weds. finding out which track to go to could be an issue since my phone still has no service.
tues 4 didnt feel any better so i decided to bag and let my body get the most recovery possible so i could give myself a chance at workout that would might be of some value.
weds 9 managed a decent workout despite still feeling like a bag of mashed up asshole. did 4x800 expecting a big time struggle to hit 6 min pace. by the end of it i felt ok, which the times clearly indicate (smart person word). 251,247,243,236. not bad. ill take it.
thurs 18 athens lookout w hammett ferenc and wolves. tough run- duh. theres no such thing as an easy run in saxtons river.
sat 12 took it easy, legs felt a bit tired but not bad. not sure what im doin tomorrow, all i know is itll be a hard effort.
sun i spoke too soon. after the worst night of sleep of my life tossing and turning for about 6 hours and sleeping for maybe 2, i spent most of the day with my eyes nearly closed. that included the time i was attempting to run. i ran fast but felt like i was sleeping the whole time. it was weird. i did 5 in 30 min and decided that it was enough. after that i went back dragging myself around the house the rest of the day. super disappointing. oh well. i smell.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

3 12 to 3 18

mon 13 with ferenc, i felt the worst ive felt since the day after the 50k. maybe i did too much friday and saturday. at least it was a great day out, or at least we expected it to be. it was 68 degrees when we drove to the parking spot, but somehow the temp during the run was only about 45, and we were cold. hunger was also an issue but we took care of that by crushing 55 wings between the two of us. i also replaced my chromium in a big way.
weds 14 tempo 1:29 felt good today, except for when i had to stop to piss out my ass. ran out of tp and had to use moss and grass. yuck. good thing i was on the railbed instead of at the track. also, came up one line short of getting 600k. i gambled by going for a tetris on level 19 and it didnt happen.
thurs 9 as expected, i was sore, tired, and slow. still not sure if im gonna do the new bedford half. i know ill feel fine by sunday, and i think i can run a decent time, maybe under 1:20. im just not sure if i want to spend most of the day in the car. i guess ill decide tomorrow. side note- if anyone has been trying to get a hold of me, im not ignoring you. my phone has had no service for about 24 hours and i have no idea why. this also might be a factor in whether or not i do the race. if i cant get a hold of anyone, ill have to go solo. i dont mind driving, itll just be boring not going with anyone. damn technology.
fri 9 felt way better than yesterday
sun 27 just felt like running for a long time. i felt really good today. i did the first 13 on the trails, then stopped at home to get some water. it was kinda hot out. then ran on the railbed with the idea that id do 10 more. ended up doing 14 more in 1:33. i feel pleased.

Friday, March 9, 2012

3 5 to 3 11

tues 8 went really slow due to sore quads and bad blisters on my toes
weds 6 even more sore, alot of raw skin from where the blisters ripped open. i shut it down early due to not enjoying what i was doing.
thurs got acupuncture again, hopefully i wont need it for another 3 years
fri 14 this was a really good run. I didnt have any soreness and I was able to run a lot faster than expected.
sat 18 with sontag and rocko. i felt really good again. everything about this run was great. i felt strong on the climbs. i think its safe to say im recovered from the 50k. it happened way faster than i thought it would, so thats cool.
sun 7 i was tired