Friday, March 29, 2013

3 18 to 3 24

mon 5 miles, 100p, 200c
tues 300p, 500c, curls 6 sets, dips 5 sets
weds 5 miles, 100p, 500c
thurs 200p, 500c, incline bench, dips, shrugs 5 sets each
fri 5 miles, 150p, 500c
sat 150p, 500c, doorway pullups 5 sets of 12, rows
sun 200p, 300c, curls, dips
totals 1200p, 3000c, 15 miles. its strange that it doesnt bother me that i dont really feel like running. this has never happened to me before. i guess ill just keep going with what ive been doin. im not gonna force it. i need to enjoy running and right now thats not the case. when it feels right, itll happen.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

3 11 to 3 17

mon 10 miles, 100p, 300c, dips, curls
tues 100p, 500c, doorway pullups (6 sets of 10), shrugs
weds 250p, 500c, dips, curls, rows
thurs 100p, 200c
fri 8 miles, 150p, 400c, curls. also had the basketball game at school against the 8th graders. that made the run really tough. in case you were wondering i had 21 pts in about 15 min, including a sweet no-look behind the back pass to a co-worker, who drilled the 3 (probly the only one he ever made in his life, but if youre only gonna make one, thats the time to do it). if youre thinking 'so what? theyre kids' let me inform you that most of them are the same size as me. also, i have all those kids in class all day, so considering the amount of trash talk i had to listen to all week, there was no way i was letting them off easy.
sat 250p, 400c, doorway pullups (14,12,12), shrugs, rows
sun 150p, 500c, incline bench 8 sets, curls 6 sets, dips 6 sets. legs still incredibly sore from the b-ball game. getting old sux.
totals 1100p, 2800c

Sunday, March 10, 2013

3 4 to 3 10

mon 100 pushups, 400 crunches, doorway pullups, curls
tues 4 miles, 200p, 400c, 6 sets of incline bench, 5 sets of rows
weds 5 miles, 150p, 300c, 5 sets of shrugs, 6 sets of curls, 5 sets of dips
thurs 150p, 200c, doorway pullups (12,12,12,12), bowling 217,188 (non-league games).
fri 7 miles, 100p, 300c
sat 100p, 300c, curls
sun 200p, 700c, 5 sets each of incline bench, dips, shrugs 
totals 1000p, 2600c

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

2 25 to 3 3

mon 100 pushups, 600 crunches, dips
tues 12 miles, 250p, 300c, pullups 6 sets of 10, curls
weds 100p, 600c, dips
thurs 8 miles, 150p, 200c, dips
fri 200c, dips
sat 5 miles, 400p, 300c
sun 13 miles, 300c
totals 38 miles, 1000 pushups, 2500 crunches

Monday, March 4, 2013

2 18 to 2 24

mon 10 miles, 100 pushups, 200 crunches
tues doorway pullups 8 sets of 8, rows, 100p, 200c
weds 200p, 500c, incline bench, dips, shrugs
thurs 10 miles, doorway pullups, 200c
fri 400p, 200c, pullups (5 sets, 60 total, got to use a pull up bar, way easier)
sat 200 dips, 500c
sun 10 miles, 200p, 400c
totals 30 miles, 1000 pushups, 2200 crunches