Saturday, June 23, 2012

6 18 to 6 24

mon 0 foot hurt, bad night sleep, zombie at work, 600 bucks to fix my car. happy birthday to me. at least i got to meet up to eat pigeon wings with hammett, ferenc, najem, and larry.
tues 5 took advil, foot was fine.
weds 10 skipped the workout cuz it was 100 degrees out. ran at night with the ksc guys, 6 of us total. i suggested hitting the trails with some headlamps, but only one of them wanted to do that, so instead we headed up main st. one of the ksc guys who was in front ran through straight thru some high school kids that were hogging the sidewalk. i probly wouldnt have done that, but i still felt they deserved the collision. little did we know that this would turn out to be a bad move. at first they reacted as expected, shouting out highly original (sarcasm) profanity peppered with homophobia. they also chased us, which was a concern for me cuz im not in great shape right now. i surprised myself with how fast i was able to turn it over, and after a minute or two the chase was over (or so we thought). i made myself laugh for a second during the chase as i pointed out to one of the punks that he too was running. as we got further up washington st, some of us were thinking we should get off the main roads in case they got their cars and started looking for us. not sure why but we stayed on the main drag. i guess we figured that they were losers and therefore didnt have a car. after about a mile, we finally turned onto a side street, but we did it about ten seconds too late. they had found us. as soon as we turned, a car and truck were right on top of us. they came within inches of running over one of the ksc guys. the bed of the truck was full of redneck high schoolers, at least 6 of them, maybe 8. it was hard to tell in the dark. they jumped out yelling, 'dont fuck with keene kids!' all of them had bats and one had hedge clippers. we had to react quickly. four of us ran through a parking lot and behind a building, and the chase began again. i quickly thought that i didnt want to go that way because i wasnt sure if it was a dead end or not. i decided to run in the opposite direction that their truck was pointed, that way they would have to turn around, which would buy us some time. hedge clippers and one other kid chased us back to washington st then they gave up, probly cuz we dropped a 10.5 sec 100. we took off behind the rec center, and got across elm st and court st as fast as we could. then we went across west st at starbucks, behind walmart, and cut thru the campus. we sprinted across main st then took more side roads back to the house. the other guys had a tougher time than we did. the parking lot behind the building was a dead end so they had to haul ass into the woods, getting torn up by prickers. they lucked out when they ended up in the yard of someone they knew. the people let them in and the police were called. once they got there, they gave the guys a ride back to the house. we got there 20 min after them. once we had calmed down a bit, i convinced three of them to finish the run with me. i wanted to get ten miles in, and i was only at 40 min. we did not go to main st. the rest of the run was still stressful, because every set of headlights we saw made us think those losers had found us again. luckily, we didnt see them. i really hope i never have to deal with anything like this again. im definitely sticking to the trails for a while. i guess the good thing about this run is that i found out im in better shape than i thought.
thurs 7 parked at goose pond, really sore and tired.
fri 5 goose again, felt shitty. the heat is killing my mileage this week.
sat tempo 7
sun 16 was going for 18-20, but i just didnt have it today

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

6 11 to 6 17

mon 13
tues 5 legs fried, but thats expected the day after running in saxtons river.
weds 9 no workout, still feeling mondays run
fri 10 ended up running the second half as a tempo, mostly because of some annoying flies. only had to drop it down to 640 pace to get away from them. if i was out in pisgah, i wouldve been a feast for them. they can do 540 pace all day long. thats good epo.
sat 6 all single track at stonewall farm. it was cool.
sun 16 felt ok except for a strange sharp pain where my toes attach to my foot. it was bad from 7 to 10 miles in, but it went away just enough to get through the run. maybe it wont be there tomorrow.
59 miles this week

Thursday, June 7, 2012