Monday, June 20, 2016

6 13 to 6 19

mon 10 miles 71 min. i was feeling good so really went for it. started out at a quick pace and was rolling along, then the soreness came and it really slowed me down. its harder to run fast on technical trails once that happens because my knee wont bend all the way. i had to slow down a lot so i wouldnt trip, but it still happened a lot. i went down hard once but this time i was able to avoid rocks. i had a lot left when i finished. its a good sign for my fitness but it might also mean that im not going to be fast on trails anymore. too bad cuz that has been a strength for me the last ten years. i don't want to keep mentioning all the times my knee is a problem, but its become a huge factor in every run. i really hope it gets better but i dont expect it to. i guess ill just keep going till i cant go anymore.

tues 5 with the kid. i didnt feel too bad. but we took it really easy.

weds pf

thurs pf

fri 4 with rocko and a different kid from the team

sat could've gone to pf but decided to play wiffle all day. i wasn't counting, but i hit about 10 homers in 3 games. as usual, greg told me how much he hates me.

sun 4 miles, pf

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

6 6 to 6 12

mon track meet. middle school meet of champions. the kid had a great day. 400- 2nd 55.9 (school record by 2 sec), 800- 1st 215.7, long jump -2nd 17'6.5". thats how you get it done in your last ever middle school meet.

tues pf

weds bowling was good 634 series (215 197 222). been a while since i had scores worth mentioning.

thurs 4 miles with the kid. even though hes not doing xc in high school he still wants to run this summer. that helps me feel better cuz im definitely bummed out about not being his coach anymore.

fri drove up to the white mountains for sontags wedding

sat 4 miles just when i found some trails with some potential my knee started getting sore. its been frustrating to say the least but im gonna keep doing what it lets me do. i headed back then took rocko for a walk. great night after that.

sun drove home half asleep and took a 4 hour nap. great to hang out with friends i hadnt seen in a long time.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

5 30 to 6 5

mon 5 miles

tues pf

weds 7 miles with sontag and rocko. knee feels better, probly since i ran slow the last two times.

thurs pf

sat 6 miles

sun pf, 7 miles

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

5 23 to 5 29

mon track meet the kid tied the 400m school record 57.9

tues pf

weds 7 miles. knee was stiff for most of the run.

thurs pf

fri pf, 8 miles. railbed workout with sontag 3x1500. didnt run my hardest because my knee was still sore and wasn't bending all the way. still ran fast enough to get something out of it 536 515 506.

sat track meet. i consider it the state meet since theres 20 teams at this thing. it was a good day for us. my boys got 2nd and my girls got 4th, the best ever for both. the kid was the mvp of the meet (800-1st, 200-3rd, long jump-2nd, triple jump-tied for 2nd). the 800 was unbelievable. he ran 211.8 and won by 6 sec. it was a huge relief for me and probly for him too because hes wanted to win it since he was in 5th grade. he put in tons of extra work the last 3 years and he really deserved it.