Tuesday, July 28, 2015

7 20 to 7 26

mon woke up with a huge knot in my neck/shoulder area. i couldn't turn my head to the right. almost any movement was painful. i took a horse pill advil (800mg) and put icy hot on it. it helped a little. i wanted to run to see if id loosen up some, but the impact of a running step hurt a lot. i decided that i would at least walk for an hour. i ended up walking around keene for almost 3 hours. it was surprisingly enjoyable. i took another horse pill advil so i could try to bowl. it helped but i was still really uncomfortable. i bowled 7 games and didn't hit my average once. maybe ill feel better tomorrow.

tues 10 miles felt decent, neck is still sore but way better than yesterday.

weds neck is ok now, bowling was better (184 203 223)

thurs am- 5 with the kid, pm- 6

fri 6 with sontag and rocko. feeling tired from a ton of climbing the last 3 runs. ill probably take a few days off.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

7 13 to 7 19

mon 5 miles. bowling was rough. didn't bowl my average in any games. ten of us stayed and bowled more. we decided to a tournament for 5 bucks each instead of the dollar games. after 3 games the top 8 advance into a bracket and are seeded based on the 3 qualifying games. only 2 other guys had higher averages than me, but i wasn't feeling good after the bad series in league. we started and i was all over the place. i wanted to break things. i wanted to walk out early into the 3rd game. i knew i wouldnt do that. i didn't want to be looked as a quitter from that point on. i think the the fact that i even thought about it at all tells how bad i was bowling. then i got some strikes and the two guys i had to beat cooled down. now i had a chance. i had to double in the last frame of the 3rd game to tie for the 8th spot. i got it and had a one frame playoff as a tiebreaker. i got a strike so i got into the bracket and had the bowl the 1 seed. i had a higher league average than him but that meant nothing now. i had been terrible tonight and he was on fire. lucky for me he had a bad game. i didn't bowl well but did just enough to win. the next round i played the 4 seed, who was probably the 2nd best bowler there. he had an off game and once again i did just enough. the final was against the 2 seed. his average overall is about 10 less than mine, but he was on it tonight. i finally started bowling the way i usually do. i rolled a 203, and he had to finish with 3 strikes in the 10th to beat me. he didn't get the turkey, so i took home the 50 bucks. i didn't think i could bowl that bad and make it that far, but i made a big shot every time i really needed it.

tues 5 miles with the kid and rocko

weds took rocko for a 3 hour walk while i was waitin for my car to get a door handle and new tires put on. bowling was up and down. i had a 258 first game in league then sucked with a couple of 160s. i stayed to practice so i could fix the problems. it worked. my last 2 games were 208 257.

thurs 4 miles with rocko. later on, wiffle ball, guitars, chromium. we had one our best wiffle games. i wasnt sharp and greg was doing pretty good. i was down 6-5 late in the game, but i had the bases juiced with no outs. greg said 'im probably going to regret saying this but i cant believe you havent hit a home run yet'. i hit the next pitch for a grand slam. he was not happy. i could tell because he tried to bean me with his next one. the one after that i hit another home run. he said 'im done. i hate you.' (edited for content) then we watched sasquatch videos.

sat 13 miles at run with the beavers 10 mile trail race (1:13:46). i like running there cuz i ran on all those trails during preseason in high school. i wanted to run a couple minutes faster but i was pleased with my effort level. also, bob gave me my 1st place team belt buckle from that overnight trail relay. good to see the guys from the team. back to keene for a bowling tournament. me and mike (english teachers cringe now) had won it the last 2 times. everyone wanted to beat us. they didnt. we got the 3-peat. i also won the strike jackpot. everyone bowls til they dont get a strike. usually it takes 6 or 7. i caught a break and only needed 5. i got out of there with over 200 bucks.

sun 6 miles with the kid. i felt terrible. not sore, just really tired. the kid dropped me on a climb 40 min into the run. he was getting killed by deerflies and wanted to go faster so he could try to get away from them. i told him just go for it and we can regroup when we get back on the road. i hit the last climb and i cracked (tour de roids err france terminology). good run for the kid tho. i went home and took a 3 hour nap. then i went to get wings with ferenc. the wings were awesome. then a weird thing happened. i felt something on my arm. i looked at ferenc and said 'dude im getting wet.' he thought I was just having another one of my strange boj moments. turns out, the roof was leaking and splashing me. a minute later a bigger leak started to drench the table. luckily it missed the wings. later we watched a documentary about a team that rode the 2013 tour de france without doping. that was surprising. they must have been the only team. i wasnt surprised that they didnt have anyone finish near the top of the overall standings.

33 miles this week

Sunday, July 12, 2015

7 6 to 7 12

mon/tues went to foxwoods. did pretty good. the whole trip cost about 40 bucks. i was tired when i got back but was able to do 10 miles with sontag and rocko.

weds track camp then ran 6 miles with the kid and rocko. bowling was ok (202 191 190)

thurs track camp, feeling tired from 2 afternoons of ultimate frisbee.

fri track camp, more ultimate. im gonna be sore tomorrow.

sun 6 with the kid, felt ok. a saturday of doing nothing helped.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

6 29 to 7 5

mon did yardwork at the eagle's house. the eagle is my grandfather but hes widely known as the eagle cuz he was bald at 23. at least i made it til i was 28. hes 88 now and cant do the handyman stuff he used to do. im still not very handy but after 5 summers of working at his house im approaching a respectable level. most of the time im just trying not to screw up. but now i know how to pull out rotting shingles and make new ones and put them in. i also know how to get a lawn mower to start when priming it and pulling the cord to the point of extreme frustration doesn't work. he said to take the top of the lawn mower off and pour some gas on the carburetor. it works. also got to vent with my grandmother about the celtics questionable draft picks. this 87 year old lady is why my family loves that team. she was going to celts games over 50 years ago and got to see bill russell play a ton of times. legit status. then i went bowling. it was weird bowling at different place, but i did ok. i averaged 199 for 7 games (202 215 177 201 203 202 192). great monday to follow up a great weekend.

tues/weds/thurs more yardwork, scraping and painting the house (green with white trim because of how much my grandmother loves the celts). struggled to run 4 miles weds. i used to have energy to hang out with friends after running working all day. i guess it takes more out of me than it used to. tough gettin old. hope i feel better than this at 4 on the 4th.

fri back to keene for some bowling. i was off today. missed a lot of easy spares. i guess if an off day is a 194 avg for 6 games, it means im getting better.

sat 6 miles, 4 on the 4th, 24:28. i felt terrible from the start. i guess i didn't recover from last weekend's all night racing. not worried about it.

sun 5 miles, felt a little better than yesterday