Wednesday, October 31, 2012

10 29 to 11 4

mon 7 with sontag and rocko. we got out of the woods just in time. the wind started picking up the last 2 miles and there were branches coming down and trees creaking everywhere. all we wanted to do was get out of there but rocko wouldnt stop chasing deer and turkeys. eventually he stopped being naughty and we got it done. i was tired from yesterday but it was still a good run. no school today or tomorrow. chromium flows like wine.
tues 0 hadnt taken a day off in a while. did 100 pushups and 100 dips.
weds 15 ate a ton of oreos and cupcakes at school. had a wicked stomach ache all afternoon. it took forever to go away so i had to run in the dark. still got a good run in. i did 2 sets of pickups (6 min, 5,4,3,2,1) with a minute jog in between each one. i was looking to run fast but in control. i was able to do that while getting faster each time. no clue what the pace was, but i dont care. the effort was good.
thurs 0 calf was wicked sore, but at least it didnt affect my bowling. i had my most consistent night ever and made about 90% of my spares (181,193,186,181,191). the only problem was that naj had his best night ever (182,210,202,192,156). its a good thing i had a solid night, or else id have lost way more than 10 pins.
fri 9 ran home from school cuz my car is dead in the school parking lot. we had an xc meet so i didnt get to start running until 545. it was almost dark and really hard to see the trail. good thing i knew where i was going.
sat 15 sap lines 13 with hammett and ferencs wolves. had a great run, got my best time by 4 min (127). it was the first time i finished it without being reduced to walking. i felt really good, so we cranked the last mile in 603. hammett showed no signs of fatigue, even tho he already ran 9 in the morning. i added on 2 miles after. good hangout after. on the drive home i was convinced to run lil rhody runaround. until then, i had no desire to do it but he presented a rock solid argument that i couldnt beat. it doesnt matter if ill never run 47 min again. what matters ill be there with a ton of people that i care about. disgustingly mushy (let me take a second to vomit), but he is right. i need to be there.
sun 5 calf was really sore. other than that, i felt ok.

Monday, October 22, 2012

10 22 to 10 28

mon 13 kind of a strange run with two tempos almost an hour apart. at practice i ran the steep hill  to glenbrook in 849 (1.15 miles, 15% avg grade for 0.8 miles, yes i checked it on map my run). considering the climb, i was pleased with that time. then i ran around the pond and took a few minutes to talk with the kids. it was cool to see how well they handled the big climbs. as they came around the pond, i got behind a tree and tried to scare them with a sasquatch noise but they knew it was me. then we headed back. i ran down at a quick but comfortable pace (540 ish, thanks gravity). after practice i ran with no specific plan for about 6 or 7 miles and ended up at the top of beech hill. i decided i still felt good and that i would run fast down it. 1027 for 1.85 miles (538 pace, thank you again gravity). too bad it was all downhill. it was fun tho. then i ran an easy mile back home.
tues 8 sore and tired, no surprise there. didnt take advil, had to put on the heavy duty calf sleeve.
weds 10 did 4x800 at practice on the xc course (255,250,251,247). considering all the sharp turns and the grass, im fine with these times. then i switched to shorter stuff. mike r met me at the field. our plan was to do 8x200 to help him get ready for basketball. i figured his speed would make it tough for me. we did an easy mile and then we got into it. we ran the first 7 side by side until he lit me up on the last one (34,34,32,34,33,34,32,31). i was surprised with these times. i guess speed comes back quick when you stop doing 4 hour runs. big time bonk on the cooldown. solid day.
7 with sontag and rocko. kept it easy. i needed that. bowling was good overall, but i was inconsistent (234, 149, 179, 182, 236). two great games, but that 149 is killing me. i blew lots of easy spares again, but i got 4 strikes in a row two times. naj had a good 3rd game (195) and it looked like he had the momentum back. then he got a lot of bad breaks the last 2 games and i was able to pull away.
fri 3 i was gonna take a 0 but the weather was too awesome.
sat 9 on the derryfield park xc course. watched the high school division races. that course is tough.
sun 17 (12 miles hard effort in 118) felt really good today. 67 miles this week.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

straight ballin

this was way too awesome of a night to bury the bowling report in the middle of my boring run log. both of us got our best for 5 games and for 3 games in a row. naj got his best game ever. most importantly i made up 66 pins and now im only down 15. the scores: me 213, 203, 184, 223, 179  (1002 total). naj 191, 148, 149, 234 (career high), 214 (936). going into the last frame of the night i was only at 149. i needed a 177 to get 1000. that meant at least a double strike and an 8. i got a turkey. clutch. i still missed too many easy spares but i made more than last week. i decided i didnt want the shoes i had ordered so they gave me my money back in a gift card. great decision.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

10 15 to 10 21

mon/tues ran a few miles at practice. really sore. felt totally wiped, probly from the hard run saturday and the stomach bug.
weds 8 felt back to normal
thurs 13 i wanted to do a workout or a tempo but my hamstring kept cramping so i backed off and just enjoyed the trails. if it feels ok tomorrow ill try to do something fast. if not, no big deal ill shut it down and get more easy miles.
sun 5 hamstring is fine, calf is not great

Monday, October 8, 2012

10 8 to 10 14

mon 10 tough day. 2 miles hard effort on the xc course 1252. its hilly and loaded with roots and rocks. on a track it would probably have been 1130 to 1145. did about 5 min recovery and then did a mile on the course at the same pace 626, but i was tired and the effort was harder. then i went up to the railbed behind the school and did a mile at tempo pace, a mile easy, then finished with 2 more tempo miles.
tues xc meet
weds 11 wanted to do more but had to cut it short so i could get to the store in time to finally get a phone.
thurs xc meet. bowling was good, but i couldve done better. im still sucking at picking up spares. i had one game where i didnt have to do too much of that because i got a lot of strikes. i had a couple of turkeys and at least one other strike and ended up with a 235 that game. my other games arent worth mentioning, but that one great game was enough to get back 41 pins. now im only down 81. najem had 2 in the 180's and a 190 so he didnt make it easy. i really need to figure out this problem with making spares. unrelated topic- i got a new phone but its not working. i have to decide whether im gonna run or go to the store to get it fixed. i didnt run today so i already know what its gonna be.
fri 12 had time after to go the store and get my phone fixed. all set now. i went 3 weeks without a phone. i think some people thought i was dead.
sat 13 we won a wiffle ball tournament. i was throwing some serious heat. then i ran vistas for the first time in at least a year. i ended up with one of my best times. i climbed terribly up the ridge but i was fast everywhere else. i had a few emergency bathroom stops and was quickly out of tp. i had to use moss, which ended up being highly effective. i got back to gregs and went straight to the bathroom. that was the first of about ten more times in there over the next few hours. i felt terrible. i was finally able to make it home around 10. i had a few more unfortunate trips to the bathroom before i could finally shower and go to bed. ugh.
sun body is destroyed. sore everywhere.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

10 1 to 10 7

tues 6 probably couldnt have run without advil and compression sleeve. the good news is that it didnt get worse during the run, and it feels ok now. i cant get too excited yet, though. if i wake up and it feels good then ill know i can start getting after it again.
weds 7 calf felt about the same as yesterday, so it was good enough. a lot of long, steep climbs that really irritated it. the flats and downs were fine. probly gonna need advil for a while. ive taken more of it in the last two days than i did all summer but whatever. i dont care. it makes it so i can run.
thurs 8 in the dark. calf ok. bowling was good. i got 5 strikes in a row, rolled a 211, and started to climb out of the hole. going in i was down by 212. now its down to 122. my other games werent very good. i probably needed to make up more ground since naj had a hard time getting used to his new shoes. ill most likely have the same problem next week when my shoes come in. hopefully i wont give back what i made up tonight.
fri 13 ran the railbed 9.5 really hard (60:28). even with two weeks of 20 miles and an injury, i was almost 3 minutes faster than when i did the same run 3 weeks ago. i probably would have been faster if i had run smarter. i was out way too fast the first 2 miles. this turned the last 2 miles into a big time struggle. i was on fumes at that point and had a hard time running in a straight line. i totally staggered to the finish. this was not even close to my best time for this run, but considering the last few weeks and all the long runs with no workouts, im happy with the time and the effort.
sun 7 felt ok after feeling really sore yesterday.