Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2 27 to 3 4

mon 11 felt good, picked it up on the railbed the last few miles.
tues got acupuncture, felt better after
weds 13 with james. the snow made it hard to see the icy spots on the trails, but still a great run. really hoping for a snow day tomorrow.
thurs 13 got the day off. sweet.
fri 7
sat 3
sun 31 a huge group of us went down to long island for a 50k. i was hoping to run it in 3:36 (6:59 pace). i was under 7 min pace for 23 miles, then my legs just stopped working. i staggered through the last 10k and finshed in 3:47 (720 pace). i feel fine with how i did even though i fell apart and died a horrible death. these were my 5k splits 2208,2201,2135,2135,2130,2133,2155,2333,2545,2613. if that was painful to read, just imagine how it felt. the last 2 laps hurt worse than anything ive ever done. i guess i wasnt surprised though, since i wasnt anywhere near ready for the distance (decided to do it a month ahead of time). i think with the right training i can go back next year and run the whole thing under 7 min pace and cut at least 10 min off my time. the trip was a lot fun (highlights- fyffes red bull road rage, wolverine, we won an argument with a richard of a race official, seeing hammett almost get hit by a car during the race then pounding on their hood and swearing) but now its great be out of the backseat of a car.
total miles for the week 78

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2 20 to 2 26

tues 8 in grafton with ferenc and hammett. good run, still tired from sunday. more importantly, check the tetris scores.
weds 6 still way too tired from sundays run.
thurs 10 this was a fun run, took it easy and felt ok
took two days off to give the kneecap problem a rest. made an appt to get acupuncture on it. that should help. it worked last time.
sun 14 in 1:36 I tried to alternate switching between 10k and 50k pace after each mile. i did it for 10 miles and i was just a few sec off, but not bad. knee was ok, energy level felt good.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2 13 to 2 19

mon 20 achilles sore the whole time, but it never got really bad. other than that it was a good run. if i had to go another 5 miles, i could have no prob.
weds 6 couldnt workout. achilles was all bad. that 50k in a few weeks might not be happening.
sat 7 everything seems fine
sun 25 in 2:54 this was a great run. there's no way i would've run this fast alone but ferenc and fyffe helped pull me along. achilles was there the whole time but still the best it's been all week. now i feel like ill be ok for the 50k, but I wont know for sure until i get up tomorrow.

Friday, February 10, 2012

2 6 to 2 12

mon felt terrible all day at work. got home and went to bed til the the next morning
tues 12 feel way better
weds 10 bagged the workout after a mile and some 400s. dont know why but i couldnt get moving at all.
thurs 7 same problem. i had planned on trying to get a tempo in because i didnt do that much yesterday, but again the legs were saying 'screw you buddy, we dont wanna do this'.
fri tempo 14 in 1:33. probably not the best thing to do two days before a race, but I decided i didn't care. i felt bad all week and today I felt good, so i went with it. kept it under control tho, so i might end up feeling decent sunday.
sun 12 burlingame 15k trail race 62:52. i was definitely feeling flat from fridays semi-workout, but i put a solid effort in. the course was awesome, almost all single track.