Tuesday, May 31, 2011

5 31 11 to 6 5 11

mon 25 epic miles. awesome run. big group of keenyans. afterwards swimming, burgers, chromium replacement. officially the best day ever.
tues 0 moved more of my stuff to ferencs, couldnt fit all of it in the car, had to go back to keene to load up again, had to coat hanger my muffler so it lasts til i get it fixed next week, cleaned my old place so i get my security deposit back, accidentally vacuumed the c key off my computer, realized there was no time to run and that im too tired to drive back to vermont and the only option left at this point is to sleep on my floor, then get up and go to work tomorrow with a car full of useless crap, then move it in at like 8 tomorrow night after coaching a track meet. @#%$&#@*%!! officially the opposite amount of awesomeness as yesterday.
weds 12 hill workout
fri  9
sat  track meet, 4
sun 18 1:58  super hard effort
68 miles

Monday, May 23, 2011

5 23 11 to 5 29 11

mon 13 miles, 1:33  at goose/drummer trails with najem and pipp. lot of single track, which i like the best.
tues 12, 1:25
weds workout 527,240,239,77. bad lower ab pain on the 400, decided not to force it 3 more. im nowhere near as fast as last year, but im pleased with running negative splits on the 16 and the 8's. 9 miles total
thurs 10, 1:20  dead legs
fri  track meet, basketball 2 hours
sat  moved to ferencs. running after going up and down 3 flights of stairs all day is never fun. so i took a 0
sun 10  to the pinnacle. cool spot

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

5 16 11 to 5 22 11

mon 7  felt decent, figured id feel bad after the long run yesterday. we did the easiest run in saxtons river (yes there is one) which helped me not feel terrible.
tues 7  12(?)x 200, 35 sec. with the team. i really felt sluggish, but i had to do it cuz the kids seemed like they would have dogged the workout if i didnt do it with them. i will probly be too sore for a wednesday workout.
weds 10  railbed with james. we settled into a good pace on the way back, and it helped wake my legs up. its a good sign when 620 pace feels good again.
thurs 13 ran the mountain with goup. really wet, slipping everywhere, should have worn trail shoes, dont know why we didnt.
fri  track meet, played basketball after
sat  tempo 10   65 min
sun 12 great run, felt no pain anywhere for the first time in i dont know how long.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

5 9 11 to 5 15 11

monday am-5, pm-track meet, watched celts disaster, wish i ran instead
tuesday am-3, pm-3, then 14 at ferencs. crazy steep and long hills, spent a lot of time in oxygen debt.
thursday- 13
sunday- 22 with goup on some hilly trails and dirt roads. this run is badass. everyone should do it.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

5 2 11 to 5 8 11

16,0,8,12,0,0,9/3. bad week of training. had to coach 2 track meets, which made it tough to find time to run as much as i wanted to. its only gonna get worse since i have to coach 3 meets next week.  i could just wake my ass up early to run, but i am not a morning person at all, so its easier said than done. i was pleased with my effort at the 6k today, but not my time. itll come around, i just need to race more so i can get used to the feeling again. church.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

todays headlines: aliens struggle to find consistent sleep patterns, demise of species appears certain

8 miles, track workout. 6x400, 4x200, 200 rest. 79,77,76,76,76,75,36,36,35,35. doing shorter rest made this a good workout. looking back on it, i could have done more repeats, but i dont think i couldve run much faster. all i know is i was half asleep the whole time and could have taken a nap in lane 3 if i tried. i need some rest, but dillos is up next, and najem is back and looking to restore chromium levels. this could get bad, considering my recent difficulties with getting enough rest. last night i got about 4 hours of sleep, so tonight i have to be home by midnight or else tomorrow will be one of the worst days of my life.

yessss! home. 11:53 pm. good times. i might just survive after all.

Monday, May 2, 2011

solid run, return of tetris

16 miles, 1:54. the clearing and concord hill add-on. theres a ton of climbs,and i worked hard on them. i didnt concern myself with anything but the climb i was on, which helped me keep the effort level where it needed to be. if im gonna get back to where i was last year, i need to have more days like this.

also, its been a while since any nintendo discussion has taken place, but i must say that i found the nintendo i had as a kid. it still had all my best tetris scores that i had written on the top of it.  i started playing again, and wow do i suck! i cant believe how good i used to be. i havent gotten within 100k of my high score from '95. im gonna keep at it, but i might need a new controller (one that doesnt have unpredictable b-button fail) if i expect to make a serious run at my old records.