Wednesday, August 28, 2013

8 19 to 8 25

mon 12 miles went back to carrs pond to try to beat my times from last week. i did 1310/611. 200p 600c
tues 200p 600c
weds 7 miles
thurs 9+ miles 200p 1000c incline bench
fri 200p 600c pullups 5 sets of 10
sat 300p 700c curls dips
sun 10+ miles railbed workut 3x1500 536 504 513 a lot faster than last time
totals 40 miles 1100p 3500c

8 12 to 8 18

mon 200p 700c
tues 10 miles 3x1500 on the railbed 553 519 520. this was better than i was expecting. i figured i need to start working out since i got talked into doing the ksc alumni race. i wasnt planning on doing it but peer pressures a mofo.
weds 200p 700c dips
thurs 200p 700c
fri 13 workout around carrs pond in big river on the 4wd road. 2x 2.2 miles then 1.1 miles (2 full laps and a half lap) 1335 1327 622
sun 200p 500c

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

8 5 to 8 11

mon 13 miles pumpelly mt monadnock 137 my best time in 5 years
tues 200p 800c curls
weds 7 miles 200p 600c doorway pullups 5 sets of 10 200p 600c
thurs 9 miles 200p 600c
fri 200p 800c
sat 8 miles 18:46 5k 200p 800c
sun 200p 600c
37 miles 1200p 4000c the 5k was kind of a surprise, was expecting to run 1930. in the past i wouldn't have been able to be pleased about running 2 minutes slower than my pr, but this time i was. looking back, knowing i ran as hard as i could feels good. i cant say the same for how i felt during the last half mile. i was just hoping to be shot and put out of my misery. but i got it done and i feel good about it.

7 29 to 8 4

mon 200p 500c 13 miles pumpelly trail mt monadnock 139
tues 400p 1000c
weds 300p 600c
thurs 200p 600c
fri 200p 700c
sat 100p 600c
sun 300p 1000c
1700p 5000c didn't run much, legs felt terrible after doing the mountain, which usually doesn't happen