Tuesday, October 25, 2011

10 24 to 10 30

mon 12 1:19 good time for this run, especially considering that i totally backed off the second half. It should help me avoid being too sore to run a good workout weds. It's the first time on the track in a while so i want to feel good out there.
tues 5 took it easy, not sore, the plans working so far. I'll really find out tomorrow.
weds workout 4(4-4-8) 83,81,241,80,79,240,78,78,236,75,77,230. Very happy with this. Thanks to brad and james for helping me push the last 800. They jumped in at key spots on it and it made me speed up. i pretended that they werent my friends and i was racing them so i had to beat them. Does that make me bad? i only thought that way on the last 8, so maybe not. Anyway, i know i could not have done it alone, so a big thanks to them. I liked running in the dark. It seemed to make me focus more on form and watching where I was going, and it made everything go by faster. Good workout. 12 miles (or according to brads gps, 6.4) also, i dont know why some words are randomly green and double underlined. it irritates the @%#$ out of me! i didnt click on any of them, but hopefully its not a link to some hardcore naked she-male fiesta site. not that theres anything wrong with that. if that stuff is your secret passion, its fine, no judgement, ill still be your friend. but since i get so many views (about 5 a day, shits blowin up), id rather not have it be linked to this blog. eh what the hell, ill click on it.
fri 10 with ferenc fyffe najem and george. Good to be back to running with the group again and not getting dropped on easy runs.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

10 17 to 10 23

Tues 16 2:03 didn't feel good but it was a good run for Sontag. He is set to run a big pr at cape cod.
Thurs 13 back to the old railbed. I like it way more than the track, but next week I'll be gettin back to weds workouts. Today I was trying to do 2x 3k-2k-1k with 2 min rest and 4 min between sets. The paces were half mp, 10 mile, and 10k race pace. I felt sluggish out there. I wouldve liked to have at least felt flat but it was worse than that. Still, I managed to run close to or maybe even right on pace. At worst, it was about 7 miles at or below 6 min pace, so still a quality effort.
saturday 15 we had a big group that got up early and ran 8, then we went to breakfast, played some golf on the worst course ever (still fun though), then me and matty p went out for another 7. then greg and jen got married and we all had a great time at the reception/hermathon.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

10 10 to 10 16

tues 12 railbed workout 3x 0.95 mi. 526 502 513 it was really dark out there for the last repeat. i think i slowed down because of that. ill estimate it cost me about 10 sec. pretty good workout. faster than a few weeks ago, and with faster recovery pace in between (700, last time 740). ill take it.
thurs 10
Sat 10 railbed tempo 9.5 mi 5715 a minute faster than 2 weeks ago. Started out too fast and really had to work to keep from falling apart. I was able to hang on, barely. Very pleased with the effort.
Sun 13 I felt ok so I decided to workout again. The plan was to do two sets of 6 min, 5 min, 4 min, 3 min, 2 min, 1 min, with a 1 min jog between each and 5 min between the sets. The 6 min was at marathon pace, the 5 at half marathon pace, 4 at 10k pace, 3 at 8k, 2 at 5k, and 1 at 3k. I hit the railbed once again and chirp was out there to warm up with me. He ended up doing most of the workout, which was a big help. The short rest was tough but i was able to hit what felt like the right paces. I feel good about the effort.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

10 3 to 10 9

Tues 10 railbed tempo 9.5 miles 58:22 (3046/2736) my best day in a long time. I felt strong and got faster the whole way. I did this run a couple weeks ago at the same effort level and ran 6140. I've only been doing about 35 a week but I think eating better and dropping 12 extra pounds this past month has helped a lot. I feel light and fast again. Leanness is not overrated.
thurs 3x800 at practice on the xc course 255 253 242 i wasnt trying to do a workout but i felt pretty good so i went with it.
fri 11 i guess yesterday was enough of a workout to make me too sore to run fast again today. advil wouldve helped a lot but i quit taking it a couple months ago.
sat 23 with sontag 3:10 on the hardest climbs around town. that dude will be ready to run a huge pr at cape cod. i had bad lower ab and groin pain the whole way, but i had to do this run. when a friend asks for help with marathon training, how can you say no?