Wednesday, April 27, 2011

4 25 11 to 5 1 11

mon 7mi with ferenc's dogs. lena tried to eat a porcupine. not a good a idea. had to pull some quills out of her chin. by the time i get there its almost dark so its going to be tough to get a good week of training.
tues 8mi good tempo, bad sleeping. two dogs in a bed is tough. i wake up about 20 times a night. i am so friggin tired. i will be sick by the end of the week.
weds 0mi track meet didnt get back til 9, at least my team kicked some ass.
thurs 0mi couldnt stay awake at work, left early, stopped at my house to take a nap. only one more night with these dogs waking me up every half hour.
fri 0mi zombie mode again
sat 5 mi finally got some sleep
sun 12 mi tempo feel ok again. shitty week of training, gotta get back to the 70-80 range

Thursday, April 21, 2011

cool run, deer slaughterfest skeleton collection, pond tsunami

me, jonny, and matty p ran some trails near arcadia. we met at beach pond, and we were met by hurricane conditions. the wind was gusting so hard that the waves on the pond were big enough to crash up over the rocks, and the mist from the surf was spraying all the way to the road. usually you dont see that when youre at least a half hour drive from the ocean. on to the running: there were tons of cool spots with tight turns, steep ups and downs, technical single tracks, and also some dirt roads where we could run fast. the dirt road came at the best time because we came across headless deer skeletons on the side of the road, and one of the kills looked kinda fresh, and we didnt want to be next, so the highly runnable terrain helped us get away fast. for the next two miles i felt like i was being hunted. i tried to play it cool but i was scared. too bad i wasnt alone- i would have finally gone under ten minutes for 2 miles. also there was a breakdown in trail marking because in one area, the obnoxious loggers decided to cut all the trees with yellow paint and it took us about 20 minutes to find the trail again. in spite of all that, it was an awesome run. its also possible that matty doesnt hate trails anymore. totals- 13 miles, 1:40

Monday, April 11, 2011

4 11 to 4 17

monday- track drills, capture the flag, 12 miles at goose pond/drummer hill. great to be out in the woods again. i couldnt believe how hot i felt, even in the shade. it was only in the 70s but it felt like 100. i was really sore and tired from track practice, but it was still an awesome day out there.

tuesday  pm-track drills, 12-15x 200 (lost count) at practice, averaged 35 sec, 5 miles total. late night- 5 miles, with the hopes it would shake out a ton of soreness from the workout. it helped a little.

weds- 2 miles, i.t. band was wicked tight. stopped to stretch but it didnt help. the stopping just made it worse. it getting hard to bend my knee so i stopped before ended up as bad as ferenc was on saturday. i havent had much trouble with this area before, so hopefuully it wont be a big deal.

thurs- 7  still tight, but at least i could run a little

friday- 2 miles, knee sore

sat/sun- decided to give it the weekend to heal and hopefully i can get back to regular training starting tomorrow

Sunday, April 10, 2011

paintball awards

as far as running was concerned, it was not a good weekend for me, but thats not an issue right now. in terms of friends, paintball, guitars, and chromium loading, it was officially the best weekend ever. after we finished shooting stuff, i was given the award for 'least aggressive player', based on my style of play (stay in the back, shoot at things i cant see). that might sound like a crapper of an award, but of the two given out that day, i got the better one. the other award went to ferenc for 'most times shot in the neck'. i guess i should give out an additional award to greg for 'most accurate impression of a pile of leaves'. the resemblance was spot-on.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

11 miles. 8x400 80,79,76,76,77,76,76,74. felt fine on the first few, but when i wanted to start dropping it down i got stuck on 76. i was looking to hit a few more 74s, then finish at 72. i put in a good effort but it just didnt happen. still, it was a quality workout. as usual we refueled at dillos, and there was an unexpected appearance by nick cash's sweatshirt (awesome). after that, greg and chirp came over and got to know kenny powers. then we made a great decision to mix in some additional chromium replacement, and i realized how much i hate birdbaths. kenny is right. maybe not about the aids thing, but definitely the plague. well, i guess not that either. but he is right that birdbaths are the stupidest thing ever made. when did we decide we needed to be friggin bird samaritans? yeah, their shit gets everywhere, but the birds themselves are fine. they dont really smell like anything. i dont see why we feel compelled to help birds keep clean when theres way too many people walking around out there that smell like a race day port a john five minutes before the gun. yes, i do realize that i deuced my pants a few months ago, and it smelled bad, but i was RUNNING! its not like i was going to pick up some bread at the store! these people are the worst. its horrible. im out running (and not sharting), and i pass someone on the sidewalk, and they smell so bad i get the urge to throw up on them. after i somehow hold back the impulse, i realize that throwing up on them may have IMPROVED their current scent (implied nick cash). consider this: a full-sized, shit-covered, vomit-saturated human poses a far more severe threat to the environment (and our nostrils) than a two pound bird that has been sitting on a branch all day with a brisk breeze freshening it all the way down to its underfeathers. this is where we realize that its not birdbaths that we need, but person baths! just have them out there next to the sidewalk, complete with soap and paper towel dispensers. not only does this improve air quality worldwide, it also lowers the unemployment rate. i mean, someone is gonna have to change the water and refill those dispensers. problem solved. jobs created. modern day new deal. what up, fdr? dont know what im talkin bout? you can find that shit in any 8th grade history book. ridiculous, i think not. just another wednesday. church.

Monday, April 4, 2011

4 4 11 to 4 10 11

monday- track drills, 14 miles
tuesday- track drills, 6 miles
wednesday- 11
thursday- am 5, pm- track drills, 5
friday- track drills
saturday- 6
sunday- 0 (day after a bachelor party, no further explanation needed)

this was my worst week of the year, and im not pleased about it. i could blame it on resting to get rid of some nagging pains, but i could have run through it. i could blame it on having a busy week, but i could have gotten up early more days to run. its gonna be another busy week with coaching and other things going at school, so i have to try harder to get up early so i can get the miles in.