Monday, January 30, 2012

1 30 to 2 5

mon 10 achilles pain was bad, have to be careful with this.
weds achilles was ok, got thru the workout but its sore a few hours later. i don't think its that bad tho. the workout was good. 3x800, 3x400, all 400 rest. 235 235 236 73 74 70. slightly better than I was expecting. 10 miles total.
thurs 10 took it easy, achilles ok, just tired from the workout.
sat 11 hard effort up beech hill (13:30) and back down (10:03). the hill is almost 2 miles long so i was pleased with the effort.
sun 12 felt good ran faster than i usually do on an easy day.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

1 23 to 1 29

mon 10 felt terrible, but it was my own fault. too much post run fun sunday and the day off work equals headache til 4 pm.
tues 12
weds workout 8x400, 4x200, full rest 78,77,78,75,76,74,72,72,34,34,33,32 ran kind of a lot the last few days and had tired legs during the warmup, so i wasnt expecting much. after the first one i started to feel like I could i get on it and finish in the low 70's. i guess i did it. feel pretty good about it. 11 miles.
sat 10k trail race in rhody. didnt go too great. i felt good for the first 2 miles then i went off course for a few seconds. i came to a dead stop to try to figure out where to go, and as i was backtracking i saw 4 guys pass me and totally pull away. that defeated me. i just couldnt get the legs going again. i ran the next 3 miles without breathing heavy and feeling totally frustrated. at the 5 mile mark i decided to stop being a pussy and i ran strong the rest of the way. at least i won some beer. muddy and jonny had great races. 16 miles total.
sun 12 felt some achilles pain, tendintis, not bursitis.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

1 16 to 1 22

mon 16 in the snow. finally not sore from basketball. saw a huge owl. fun run.
tues 6
weds 12 not that pleased with the workout but still got in almost 4 miles of speed (I use that term loosely, cuz I wasn't going very fast). i did 5x400 at 3k pace 100 rest 82 81 80 81 78, 600 rest, mile at 10k pace 537, 600 rest, 5x300 at mile pace 100 rest 57 58 58 58 56, 600 rest, 1200 at 5k pace 418 (10 sec slower than goal), then I was done. i still had an 800 and 5x200 but the calf pain that was bugging me the whole time got really bad, so bagged it. rule 17 don't be a hero. shutting down was smart cuz I didn't make the injury worse, and I doubt id have run well considering how slow I was on the 1200. ill try to end this on a positive note- I was pleased with how just a 100 rest was enough to get me recovered on the shorter stuff.
thurs 12 had to go slow until the tight calf loosened up. i wanted to add on some more miles but I was only a mile from home when it got better and I was wicked hungry. so I went home and ate dinner. if it's not sore tomorrow ill know I made the right call.
sat 13 went slow, a lot of ice on the trails and not quite enough snow to keep from slipping. still fun. only about 15 degrees but i never got cold so that was good.
sun 18 w hammett fyffe and ferenc. got killed on the big climb but did good everywhere else. managed 620 last mile. good week. 77 miles

Monday, January 9, 2012

1 9 to 1 15

mon 14 found some nasty hills on the trails near my house. fun.
tues 10
thurs 14 2x(3k-2k-1k) at half marathon pace, 10 mile race pace, and 10k pace, 2 min rest, 4 min set rest. ran on the railbed instead of the track. we got a few inches of snow so there was no point in trying to hit the right times on the track. this was more of an effort based workout. the snow only slowed me down a little. solid effort.
fri/sat stayed overnight at school to chaperone the 8th graders. played hoops til 4am. 7 hours total. probably not a good idea. im gonna be sore.
sun entire body is hurting. im sore everywhere. its hard just walking around the house. it was worth it tho. i had fun ballin with the kids. some of them are really good.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

1 2 12 to 1 8 12

mon 18 total. am 10, 62 min. pm 8 easy
weds 11 workout 5x400 81 100 rest, 1600 538, 5x300 58 100 rest. i still has a 1200, 5x200 and an 800 to do but everyone was already done and waiting for me, so decided to end it so i could cool down and go to dinner with them. i would have liked to go faster but i thought my workout was going to be longer. i was just starting to get in the zone but no prob tho, still a 5k worth of speed.
thurs 14 easy. took a chance on getting lost in the dark on an unfamiliar stretch of trails (forgot headlamp). it was almost 415 and i probly should have turned around 15 min earlier but i really wanted to see if  the trail i was on would connect to the railbed. i banked on it and got lucky. at about 430 i popped out on the railbed and then it was all good. it got dark a few min after that but the snow seemed to make it easier to see. we only got about an inch, which is all ill ever want.
fri 13 night run grafton power lines
sun 14 in 1:32, middle 10 in 62
70 on 5 days. me llamo mike!