Wednesday, November 25, 2015

11 16 to 11 22

mon 10 miles including a ton of sprints at practice. im gonna be sore.

tues planet fitness

weds planet fitness

taking a few days off. my hip is really sore. it popped hard and loud when i was doing some easy stretching. i was waiting for the pain to come. it didn't, which was a surprise. the next day it felt way better.

sat 8 with sontag and rocko

sun planet fitness

Thursday, November 19, 2015

11 9 to 11 15

mon 5 miles at school. started with some easy miles with some kids from the team. then ran hard on the turkey trot course (1.2 miles in 616). at basketball practice did all the sprints the kids had to do. feel like i ran a lot more than 5 miles.

tues couldve used a day off but did 10 with greg, andy and rocko. sore and tired but we went slow. had trouble with slipping on the leaves. my headlamp sucks.

weds planet fitness

thurs 5 miles really sore from basketball practice. it was hard to run.

fri/sat took it easy but still sore

sun 4 miles with rocko. didn't feel very good.

Monday, November 9, 2015

11 2 to 11 8

mon went to planet fitness. probly did too much.

tues 7 miles, including 3 in 1747. turns out it was 2.93, but there was a decent hill in there so its close enough.

weds planet fitness

thurs 6 with the kid

sat 8 miles, 53 min. the leaves were slippery and annoying.

sun planet fitness

Monday, November 2, 2015

10 26 to 11 1

mon 6 with sontag and rocko

tues got a planet fitness membership

weds really sore. didn't lift heavy yesterday but i guess it was too much.

thurs 10 legs felt good. arms and chest still sore

sat 7 with the kid and rocko

sun 7 in 45:25 felt good. planned on lifting weights but after the run i didn't feel like it anymore.