Friday, June 28, 2013

6 17 to 6 23

mon 200p, 1000c
tues 100p, incline bench, curls, dips
weds 13 miles on mt monadnock, 300p, 800c
thurs 200p, 400c, dips, pullups 15,15,15,15,10,10
fri 7 miles, 200p, 500c
sat 200p, 600c
sun 4 miles, 100p, 400c, dips
totals 24 miles, 1300p, 3700c

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

6 10 to 6 16

mon 200p, 500c
tues 200p, 300c
weds 13 pumpelly trail- mt monadnock 1:54
fri 3 100p, 200c
sat 15 4+ hours up and down mt washington
sun 100p, pullups 10,12,14,14
31 miles this week. not bad.

Monday, June 10, 2013

6 3 to 6 9

mon 150p, 400c, incline bench
tues 150p, 400c, doorway pullups 5x10, 10 miles
weds 300p, 300c, dips
thurs 100p, 700c, curls
fri 200p, 400c
sat 100p, 400c, pullups 15,15,10,10, rows
sun 100p, 400c, dips
totals 1100p, 3000c. felt good to get back to what i usually do.

5 6 to 6 2

took a few easy weeks. only lifted about a third of what i usually do. it was harder to find time cuz of coaching. if i really worked to make time i guess i couldve kept the numbers up. didnt run much either. oh well. now that tracks over ill be able to get back to it. maybe not the running but def the lifting.