Sunday, June 28, 2015

6 22 to 6 28

mon 8 miles 54 min railbed workout 3x1500 535 457 454 the first one finished with a climb thats easy if your not trying to run fast. if you are trying to run fast its not easy. the other 2 are slightly downhill, maybe 2% grade. feeing good about the effort. sontag ran it too and ran well (549 530 520). then i went bowling. had a 600 series in league (190 205 205). after that, about ten of us stayed to bowl more. we put a dollar each in the pool for every game, high score gets the money, no handicaps. i had some good games 222 190 211 but didnt win. the last game everyone was on fire (6 people over 200). i had a bad start and was only 67 in the 4th frame. i started to pile up some strikes. i had 6 in a row and needed 1 more to win (the score to beat was 236). i got 2 more strikes and won with a 247. i needed this kind of an afternoon/night after a tough day at school. yup you heard right, still have 2 more days of school.

tues 5 miles with the kid. it was hot and we wanted it to rain. it didn't happen. i wasn't sore, which was a big surprise. i guess 4 hours of bowling right after a workout is a good cooldown.

weds bowling 643 series (225 184 234). stayed to bowl more 218 202.

fri/sat did an overnight trail relay at northfield mountain. i raced 3 times in 11 hours. it was a total of 15 miles, but it felt like a lot more than that. it was a lot of fun. thats all i got for a race report right now. lazy.

sunday- really sore but at least i can walk. i guess ill do a race report now. it was an 8 man trail relay at northfield mountain, with each of us racing 3 times for a total of about 15 miles. we had a solid team put together (me, jonny, bob, seth, gazelle, wooley, garvin, and galoob). i expected to be the slowest guy by a bit, but i was thinking if i was the slowest then our team was pretty good. greg was on another team, but he got to hang out with us a lot, so that was cool. i got there at 3 and met up with the guys. once i settled in i started having fun. jonny was very concerned with how many chromium replacement beverages i might drink, but i wanted to race well for the team, so it wasn't going to be an issue. my first loop was at 6pm. i was happy to start with the hardest one, 6.5 miles with 2 killer climbs (29 of the first 33 minutes). then it was almost all downhill and single track. i ran hard, like it was the only race i would run that day. i did it in 53:30, which was close to bobs super spreadsheet prediction. the 2nd one was at 11pm, a 4.8 mile loop. on paper it was easier (one 15 min climb, then a ton of single track descent) but i was slipping a lot due to how wet everything got. i killed the climb, then ran hard when i could on everything else. i was frustrated with how the conditions limited how fast i ran down the mountain. i finished in 40:50 but felt i could've gone way faster if it was dry. i started the 3rd loop at 430am (3.5 miles with an 8 min climb). since it was my last one, i was prepared to turn myself inside to run a good time. i absolutely destroyed myself on the climb, maybe a bit too much. i got to the top and was gassed. i struggled for about a minute, then i was able to start hammering the descent. it was on a dirt and grass road so there was no issue with slipping. i saw a one mile to go sign and found another gear. i ran a 554 last mile and finished in 24:20 something. i was spent. i staggered to our campsite and opened possibly the most well deserved chromium replacement beverage ive ever had. a few hours later, bob ran past us and we followed him across the finish line. im not sure if we won, but i don't think any of us got passed at any point, so i like our chances. i had a great time hanging out with the guys. im really happy they asked me to be on the team.

Monday, June 22, 2015

6 15 to 6 21

mon 5 miles took an s-load of advil so i could run. it hurt but its not a bone bruise. it was only sore cuz all the cuts were splitting open every time i bent my knee. i should be fine. i was able to bowl after taking even more advil. the wrist still didn't feel good and got worse as the night went on, as the scores indicate (238 181 148). cant lift weights cuz the range of motion is terrible.

weds 5 miles knee is going to be fine. a lot of these 4 and 5 mile runs have been with a kid on my team. the dude can really run. i don't have to slow down for him at all. i would probably lose to him in an 800 (kid ran 2:20 a few weeks ago). bowling was not good (196 179 186) but not a disaster either. wrist is getting better but still really sore.

thurs 4 miles solo 25:35 really tired but still ran kinda fast

fri 10 miles with sontag and rocko 1:17

sat bowling tournament, the team of me and this guy mike (not al-t) won it. we also won it last month. fun.

sun had time to run but decided to play wiffle and guitars for about 4 hours each. wrist is getting better. cant get into pushup position yet, but its close. not being able to lift might be what i need to get back into it.

24 miles this week

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

6 8 to 6 14

tues 15 miles, 10 of it with sontag and rocko. still sore from the race
weds bowling 629 series (183 212 234) sore elbow the first game, then the chromium kicked in
thurs 8 miles, 75p 250c have to get back to lifting whether i like or not
fri 4 miles, felt tired
sun 4 miles, wiped out and crashed into rocks again. hit my knee, hand and shoulder on some rocks. i decided not to take a chance and walked back to the car. the only good thing was on the way back i came across a kid i coached back in '06. he was fishing and maintaining his chromium levels. the dude just graduated college this year which made me feel old but still great to see him. as for how injured i might be, i have to wait til morning. i went to bed in a lot of pain. 31 miles this week.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

8/31/14 to 6/7/15

sept- started getting in decent shape, won a race.

oct- had some good efforts, a lot hard 10 milers, no track workouts

nov- ran 10 mi in 62. that was as good as it got. wiped out on the trails and banged my knee on a rock. knew it would be a bone bruise. took a few weeks off, but it wasn't enough.

dec to feb-  once i started coaching hoops i ran about 5 times during the winter. just didn't feel like it. kept lifting a lot but was getting bored with it.

march- totally bored with lifting, not doing much of it. started running with 3 miler just under 24min. it was not easy. ran 9 times, total of 33 miles. improved to running 3 miles in 19 min. really enjoyed what i was doing. got a lot faster even though i wasn't running a lot. i was also starting to get better at bowling. got a new ball and it made a big difference.

april- ran 15 times, 90 miles. best runs were 5mi in 33 and 7 in 46. we won the bowling league, won some $$$$. average was up to 192 the last 2 months.

may- ran 4 days a week, 121 miles. best run was 10mi in 67.

6/1 to 6/7 ran 32 miles. best runs were 10 on the railbed in 64:40 and the westmoreland 4 mile race (got 3rd 24:56  really tough course, my 2nd best time.)