Wednesday, March 30, 2011

3 28 11 to 4 3 11

monday 5 miles, track drills

tuesday 5, track drills

wednesday 12 miles. 2x mile, 2x 800, 2x 200. rest: almost none. 518,526,242,234,36,35. i definitely surprised myself on this one. going into it i was sore and tired from doing dynamics at track practice, and i totally got dropped on the warmup. usually those things dont lead to a good workout, but today was a day like no other day (think: fyffes weds workout song). i was way behind the other guys but they still helped me run well. i only had about a 200 jog between the miles so i was shocked that i only slowed down by 8 seconds. maybe there is hope for me after all. church.

thursday am 5, pm track drills, 12 miles (advil-less limpjog bonkfest) i am beat. this month: 307 miles.

friday 5

saturday 11

sunday 15

this week 70

Sunday, March 27, 2011

3 21 to 3 27

70 miles. 0,12,11,5,12,12,18. every day was a struggle to get the legs moving. the half marathon stayed in them way longer than i expected. i thought id be fine at andys race, but i totally tanked. as soon as it started i knew i had nothing. i fought it for the first mile, but then i said screw it. i decided it was more important to save something for the sunday long run with the gazelles (greg, fyffe, andy). not racing for a few weeks should help get the legs back to normal.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

11 miles total. didnt feel recovered enough to do 400's so i did some tempo (3.5 miles at 6 min pace). it was exactly what i needed- fast enough to be a quality effort but not so fast that it will kill my race saturday. unrelated topic- all day long, i could not get 'party in the usa' out of my head. (i didnt bother linking it. everyone knows that song.)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

3 14 to 3 20

70 miles  6,10,12,11,10,5,16

nb half - 1:21:34. (technically i did 13 miles in 1:20:57 then i stepped off, so i added 37 sec for the 0.1) my old pr was 1:24, so i feel good about this race. splits- 605,619,622,625,605,607,606,606,628,611,608,620,610. i felt strong and in control almost the whole time. its been months since i was able to feel like that in a race. the rest of the keene guys had good races too. i owe wolverine 19 nick cashes (yes i counted), but i enjoy living so i let all of them go. it wasnt easy.

wednesday workout 8x400 4x200  80,80,78,79,77,77,75,72 33,34,33,30  it took me awhile to get loose but it ended up being a good workout. ive worked back to taking normal rest instead of 2x or 3x rest, so now i can work on getting my times down to where they were a year ago.

Friday, March 11, 2011

3 7 to 3 13

monday 0  having issues with plantar fascia
tuesday 11 1:23 dirt roads, foot still sore
wednesday 10  baker st workout 2x800, 4x400  237,236,77,77,79,80  i fell apart at the end of this one. im ok with it though because the times are still getting faster. i was not ok with the dead possum on the turn. i accidentally looked it in the eye during one of the 400's. i thought i was gonna throw up.
thursday 13  1:39 got on the trails, some slipping and postholing, but not horrible
friday 11  1:17   foot was bad today
saturday 5    36 min
sunday 20   2:19   foot ok, good to be able to get in a faster long run, should be far more effective than the death slogs ive been doing lately
70 miles this week

Sunday, March 6, 2011

2 28 to 3 6

70 miles. 12,4,11,10,3,17,13. i had some bad plantar fascia soreness on saturday but stopping to stretch helped. also i stopped a few times to jam my thumbs into the bottom of my feet to work the pain out. that was highly effective, considering i was 7 miles from home and walking back wouldve been the worst. today i ran on soft and muddy dirt roads, so everything felt fine. i was out near ferencs house and there was some tough climbing. i ran up the steepest road ive ever seen. ive run trails that were worse but it was still badass. im pleased with my increasing level of strength. i think once the snow melts some more i can bump up the mileage since ill be able to get back on the soft trails. and if i move out to ferencs this summer that will help my training even more. i dont know what im gonna do without internet tho. wow i never thought id say that. church.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

tues  4
weds 11  4x8 244 247 240 242 felt good, finally feel like ill be able to get back to where i was last year. also it was great to have chirp and brad with us on the cooldown and at dillos. on their last repeat they were both nearly flattened by some a-hole in an f 250. it looked like he drove at them on purpose. then he swore at them and yelled 'its a road not an f-ing runway'. all of us saw it and we were ready to fight him, but as always people only say stuff when theyre driving away, and then he was gone. i was extremely upset about what happened. it took me a while to regain my composure, as i spent most of the cooldown swearing heavily at any car that came within five feet of me. once i got to dillos i was fine.
thurs 10