Wednesday, August 24, 2011

8 22 to 8 28

mon 6 tempo 40 min
tues 0
weds 9 2x2 mile 1232 1221 wanted to do 3x2 mile but I ran out of gas. No prob I feel good about it.
thurs 8 hinsdale fun run got the w in the 2.3 mile, which was good for the old confidence level.
fri 0
sat 8
sun 0 didnt run in the hurricane. instead spent most of the day outside watching the floods wash away a few hundred feet of our road. it was crazy. trees were getting snapped, and i saw an oil tank from someones house floating down the river. lost power at noon and no clue how long it will take to get it back on. the road is destroyed and looks like its gonna take a long time to repair it. the power of a flood is amazing and kinda scary.

Monday, August 15, 2011

8 15 to 8 21

mon 10 found some new nintendo controllers. hopefully theyre better than the one i have, which is stickier than the victorias secret catalog i had when i was 14 (it wasnt mine- i borrowed it, and yes, of course i returned it. come on, you didnt think i was one of those people who borrow stuff and never give it back, did ya ? what kind of asshole does that?) but i digress...if these controllers are good, i might be able to break into my tetris top 5.

tues 0 went climbing at the garage. by 'climbing', i mean i watched computer mike, joe, and malnu climb while i threw down monster dunks on an 8 ft rim, did sets of pull ups, and maintained my chromium levels. i also shared my recent out of town adventures. while entertained by the story, they unfortunately revived my paranoia about personal cleanliness (just when i had stopped thinking about it). also, i just finished some serious blog surfing and posted a few comments. the words you have to type in afterwards are always weird (waxicula) but i got some real good ones tonight, very closely resembling the phrases 'hag nest' and 'full anus'. 

weds 9 track workout 550 417 248 80 77 didnt finish- hamstring was cramping and felt like it was gonna tear, so i observed rule #17. my times arent improving yet but the good news is that i was able to pick up the pace after starting too slow on all of these. its good to be back to having the legs responding when i want them to. the times will eventually improve.

thurs 5
fri /sat 0 had a strange incident where i banged knees with my friends dog, and i was in a lot of pain. this might seem ridiculous but it wasnt your average dog, it was a great dane. it hurt a lot and i limped for a few days.
sun 11

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

8 8 to 8 14
mon 0
tues 7
weds 7 workout did a 1200 (424) then 6 x 400 (84-77) these are really slow times for me, but I took some time off so I figured it would be slower. good to be back runnin and not feeling dead from the first step of every run.
thurs 7 hinsdale fun run, i intentionally sandbagged the mile (624) to run a good 2.3, and the plan worked (14:06, pr by 34 sec, 607 pace) i ran negative splits and felt strong for the first time in a long time, and was able get tough and really feel like i was racing. i felt way better than yesterday.
fri/sat 0 a month ago i would have been totally guilt-ridden about this, but now i dont care at all, and it feels damn good
sun 7 hard effort, made harder by the fact that i slept til 3 in the aft, then drank a pot of coffee and ran. i felt jittery, duh.
8 4 to 8 7
Thurs 5 at hinsdale fun run
Fri 4
Sat 5
Sun 0