Tuesday, December 27, 2011

12 26 11 to 1 1 12

mon 13 1:28 ran on the west warwick bike path and got into it with a group of obnoxious high school losers. here is a brief summary of the argument. a dumb kid said the highly original 'run forrest run'. i turned, switched to running backwards so i could argue with him, and said 'wow did you come up with that all on your own?' he said 'yeah'. how could he be too stupid to not notice my sarcasm? then i asked him 'did tyring to give me sh*t make you feel better about yourself?' he said 'yes', i said 'good, cuz your clearly stupid and need all the help you can get.' it took him a while to come up with a something to say, so i was about 100 feet away when he started yelling at me again. i couldnt make out the words so i said 'come up here and tell me that.' i couldnt hear his response except for one word, 'fag'. well, that train is never late, is it? i knew it was only a matter of time. i responded by telling him to 'come tell it to my face, you f**king pussy. you cant do what i can do cuz your a pussy." he kept yelling as i got further away, but he wouldnt come after me, even though i continued to call him a pussy. looks like i was right about him. after that, my sluggish legs came to life and i ran faster the rest of the way. thanks for the help, losers.
tues 10 on the trails, trying to stay away from the gunshots the whole time. still, more enjoyable than yesterdays experience. bullets kill, but at least they dont say dumb things.
weds 10 track workout 525 80/woods shitbreak 238 73 74 73 71 pleased with the 400s but not the longer stuff. had a bad night of sleep and didnt get up early enough to eat a good breakfast, which most likely is why i felt tired and not very strong. fun to workout with muddy, jonny, and jeff. they pushed me the whole time. they asked if i wanted to be on their running team, and i think itll be cool to be on a team that i can help, instead of one that ill never be better than the 20th man.
thurs 10, 100 pushups, 125 dips, 120 crunches
fri 3
sat 10 b.u. mini-meet, bad 3k way over 10 min, just didnt have it. came back ok in the mile 505, ran good splits 78 78 77 72

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

12 19 to 12 25

having an ok running week. ran every day, no more achilles pain. having a good tetris week. got into my top five 4 times.
mon 7
tues 3
weds 8 tried to workout but couldnt get rolling. did some 4s and 2s, then bagged it. did 100x pushups, dips, crunches. i should probly try to get in a routine with that stuff.
thurs 10
fri 6
sat 10 had a way better day on the track. 3k 956, ran smarter, 8 sec slower at the mile (521), made up the 8 sec over the next 4 laps, and ran the last 3 laps 11 sec faster than last week. then i did the mile in 512. id have liked to run faster, but at least i won the heat and ran a big negative split (241/231).
sun- did 100 pushups, 140 dips, 120 crunches

Sunday, December 18, 2011

12 12 to 12 18

fri 4 achilles is feelin fine after 4 days off. ill try to race tomorrow, but i shouldnt expect a 3k pr right after taking that time off.
sat 8 good thing i wasnt looking to pr today. through the mile (5:13), i felt ok and i was only a second off pr pace. i knew i felt slightly more worked than i should have felt though. to say the wheels came off after that is not accurate. more like i got hit by a train. i went backwards really bad. at one point i opened my eyes (yes they were closed at times. i didnt realize it.) and i was not on the track anymore. i took a few steps on the infield before i got my balance, got back on the right side of the rail, and got back to the suffering. i still had six laps to go. it felt like it took an hour to run another four minutes. my pace slowed to a crawl. i was hurting. im sure it was painful for people to watch. i dont know what kept me from dropping out, but i finished in 10:07, which was my worst 3k time by 20 seconds. ouch. the good news was that my achilles felt fine. after a long rest (too long-i was out of food and getting hungry) it was time to get loose for the 800. i wanted to redeem myself for what happened earlier. i wouldnt get the chance. i started to feel tightness and irritation in the achilles. i tried some strides to see if it would work itself out. it didnt. i scratched. oh well.
sun 18 with najem and hammett. really cold- 12 degrees when we started. i was not expecting to finish this run. my achilles was tight but it never got worse. we had a great run. the view at the clearing was awesome. when we were running across otter brook dam, greg said, 'dams are cool'. i agree. now its bowling time. my legs feel ok, so it should be a better night than last time.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

12 5 to 12 11

mon legs super tired, a slow half hour was a struggle
tues easy 10 not feeling much better
weds workout 4x1200, 400 rest 426,424,412,409 this felt easy but i decided to shut it down due to an annoying problem, achilles bursitis. i had it exactly a year ago and its not fun. i really wanted to do the last 1200 because i felt like i couldve gone way under 4 min, but i had to be smart about it. usually this kind of thing isnt as bad as tendinitis, but it might force me to take a few days off. last year i had to take a week off to make it go away. not what i want at all, since training has been going so well lately. hopefully it wont last long. i did have a good night of tetris though. got over 400k twice with a high of 427,033. i had a great game going until at a key moment (of course), my thumb cracked and it made me push the left button an extra time. that put the piece in the wrong spot, which messed up the rest of that game. too bad. i think i had a chance at 500k. if i dont run tomorrow and friday (i also dont have to work friday) at least I'll have plenty of time for a shot at beating my record.
thurs tetris 474,116
fri the day off seems to have helped with the bursitis, ill be able to race tomorrow. i also got some arnica gel and i think it helped too. now its tetris time.
sat 10 jingle bell 5k. in my first 2 races back, i had a hard time getting it to really hurt. i knew i could run faster, but for some reason i wasnt able to push like i should. ive been able to do it on railbed tempo runs this fall but not when it really counted. so for this race, the goal was to be able to hurt the way ive able to make myself hurt in workouts. i didnt really have a time goal because i figured if i made it hurt enough the time would take care of itself. i definitely made my goal, but i was kind of dumb about it. i took off way too fast the first minute or two, and i was hurting a half mile in. i hit the mile in 523, which would have been ok if the course was flat. unfortunately there was a hill waiting for me a minute later. i kept fighting hard but i got my ass kicked. five people passed me. i was so worked the long downhill that followed didint help me recover. i ran a 6 min mile. i kept digging down and held my position from that point to the finish but i was falling apart bad. i managed a 542 last mile but that was alli had. my last 0.1 was 36 sec, 6 min pace. i think i will award myself the 'worlds worst kick' trophy for that one. i ended up in 10th, 17:42. ugh. i was pleased with my effort though. im not happy with my time, but i know its because i raced stupid. i didnt have any problems with my bursitis, which was cool.
sun 8 the plan was to do the clearing with najem from our house. fyffe was running too. the weather was great. i did not feel great. at first, my achilles was fine but the back of my right knee was tight and pushing off was not an enjoyable feeling. going up beech hill, my knee loosened up some, but my achilles was starting to get irritated. i thought back to last year when this happened (the pain got so bad i couldnt run anymore. i had to walk 5 miles out of pisgah back to gregs house. i was freezing). i didnt want to have to walk 7 miles from the top of clearing back to my house. i turned around in case the same thing happened again. it turned out to be a good decision. about a mile from home the bursitis had worsened and i had to walk from there. last year i took four days off and then i was ok, so im gonna try that again. i really wanted to do that run with them. to make matters worse, the running injuries turned out to be bowling injuries as well. it hurt to bend down and i was off balance on most throws. i bowled 50 points per game below my average. i let the guys down but luckily they had some good games, epecially najem. on friday ill try an easy run to find out if the time off helped.