Friday, September 30, 2011

9 26 to 10 2

Mon, tues, weds, 0. Coaching and trail maintenance is killing my training. 2 xc meets and working on the course before and after school.
Thurs 21 (4 tempo after school, 17 the clearing and concord hill
Fri 4
Sun 7 with 2 mile tempo

Monday, September 26, 2011

9 19 to 9 25

Tues 17
Weds 2 wicked sore
Fri 5 10x200 hills then 2 mile tempo on the xc course
Sat 6 felt terrible so I shut it down. Bad humidity.
Sun 8 tempo work at robin hood (0.9 mi per lap) 3 laps in 18 min, 2 min rest, 2 laps in 11 min, 4 min rest, 1 lap in 524. Ok workout, the trail isn't as fast as it used to be, but neither am I.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

9 12 to 9 18

mon 8
tues 13 railbed workout 3x .95mi 535 514 519 + 1.5 mi hard tempo 840. it got dark sooner than i expected and it was hard to see on the way back. i think i would have been faster if it was lighter, but it was a good workout. for months, i wasnt able to feel like i was running as hard as i could, but now i think i got it back.
weds 0 middle school xc race
Fri 5
Sat really tough 5k in brattleboro, only ran 19 min but I feel it was a sub 18 effort. Still goin in the right direction.
Sun 9 during the Pisgah race, great year to watch the 50k instead of running it, solid hermathon after

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

9 5 to 9 11

mon 8 went to a race with pipp and goup. i felt like shit during the warmup and raced like shit as well. the course was tough but i couldnt believe how hard it was to only run 7 min pace. i didnt bother cooling down. when you dont run fast theres no need to.

tues 0 worked on xc course trying to divert the water but it didnt really work. all i ended up doing was moving the knee deep water from one place on the trail to another place further down the hill. it was so much fun though.

weds 11 (2 at practice, 9 at the workout) 6x800, 400 rest. i felt absolutely terrible warming up, but when i got on the track i felt ok, then as i got further into it i started feeling better, and ended up feeling better than i have in months, as the times will indicate. 257 256 252 250 244 235. thanks to james and brad. couldnt have done it without them. i was pumped to hit that 235. i think the last time i ran that fast was in feb or march. only 5 of us today but we all killed it. awesome day.

Thurs 3 really sore

Fri 8

Sat 10 64:40 ran as hard as i could. Not concerned with being 7 min slower than my best time on this run. The effort was there, so I feel good about it.

Sun 10 railbed with james

Thursday, September 1, 2011

8 29 to 9 3

mon 14 in pisgah 1:34. hard effort, killed myself to stay with the gazelles. extremely pleased. starting to get the poker face back. and yes, i love that frign song. i was going to do that at a karaoke party last week but someone had just sang it, so i did bad romance instead. what you didnt think i was a lady gaga fan?

tues 0 rode a bike all afternoon looking at the flood damage in town. rt 121 is an absloute mess. the road is gone in many places and the power lines are across the road. a couple of houses unfortunately got completely destroyed. theres a covered bridge with trees in it. bellows falls has power but we still dont. its kinda boring but im not complaining at all cuz theres a lot of people who have it way worse.

weds 8 my road was fixed enough so i could drive across, so went to weds workout and did 3x mile with 400 rest (606, 603,548). i was really tired from mondays effort and from the biking but i am pleased with my effort level. i ran big negative splits on all 3 miles. im still nowhere near where i want to be but i feel like im making progress.

thurs 7 great run, rock chased a deer and i had a good view of it. hes one of the fastest dogs ive ever seen, but today he took it to a new level. the deer was going all out and he found a gear ive never seen him use before and he was catching up to the deer, then in an amazing display of instinct shut-off, he came back when we called him. that is one fast dingo. and yes, he eats babies.

fri 0 worked on the xc course a school for 6 hrs, cutting brush and raking

sat 8 ran fast did 2 miles with fyffe which means i ran tempo pace, then sprinted all over the the alumni race course to watch in as many places as possible, so it was kind of like doin 8x200. good to run fast.

sun 3 did not feel good, not worried about it.