Monday, January 28, 2013

1 21 to 1 27

4 days of lifting, 400 pushups, 1000 crunches, ran 7 on weds, 4 on sat. legs are really sore. next week ill try to run 4 days and keep up the lifting.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

1 14 to 1 20

the time off has been good so far. i got in 4 days of lifting, 300 pushups and 600 crunches. my back is feeling a lot better. i might run this week. if i dont, i wont feel bad about it. ill be trying to get 4 days of lifting again, and to bump up the pushups and crunches a bit.
week 2 of the time off. got 4 days of lifting again, 350 pushups and 750 crunches. i dont really feel like running, but i should probably start soon so i dont lose the mediocre fitness i did have.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

1 7 to 1 13

i decided to take some time off, at least a week. i got sick of running with soreness every day. so ill just wait until i feel like i want to put up with it again. i wanted to do the 50k on long island in march, but its not going to happen. im over it. hopefully ferenc will do it. if he does ill go with him and run the 25k. since im not running ill be doing some lifting, push ups, and crunches. it should help my back feel better. lately its been bad, and ive needed to put icy hot on it just to get to sleep. this time off should help me enjoy running once i start up again. im liking the idea of not having to start by a certain date.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

12 31 to 1 6

mon/tues 0 really sore, no obvious reason why
weds 10 back to baker st. andy was the only other guy there. i havent run with him in a while, so that was cool.
thurs 8 won the bowling league. had my best night ever (204,215,215,196,215) 1045 total.
fri went home from work early, felt like i was starting to get the flu. went to bed at 1130 am and stayed there til the morning.
sat feel a little better, probly will run tomorrow.