Tuesday, June 12, 2012

6 11 to 6 17

mon 13
tues 5 legs fried, but thats expected the day after running in saxtons river.
weds 9 no workout, still feeling mondays run
fri 10 ended up running the second half as a tempo, mostly because of some annoying flies. only had to drop it down to 640 pace to get away from them. if i was out in pisgah, i wouldve been a feast for them. they can do 540 pace all day long. thats good epo.
sat 6 all single track at stonewall farm. it was cool.
sun 16 felt ok except for a strange sharp pain where my toes attach to my foot. it was bad from 7 to 10 miles in, but it went away just enough to get through the run. maybe it wont be there tomorrow.
59 miles this week

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