Wednesday, July 6, 2011

7 4 to 7 10

monday 7 attempted to race, didnt go so well. i forgot to wear my watch, and i decided not to check my time. this was most likely a great decision cuz i would have been disappointed. i could tell i wasnt running fast.
tuesday 14 terrible run, one of my worst this year. every time i tried to dig down to get a little extra, there was nothing. im not going to be negative about it though. i know its a direct result of yesterday, where my chromium levels were possibly at an all time high. or at least top ten anyway. and looking back, i only ate a couple of hot dogs all day, so of course i ran like shit today.
weds 10  took it easy, did some barefoot running while everyone else suffered thru badass workouts. i suffered enough yesterday.
thurs 17 miles. am 10 with 5 mile tempo (28:30). this was the fastest ive run in about a year, so i am pleased. pm 7 at glenn's hinsdale fun run. i was feeling super tired but still managed get some work in at around 6 minute pace.
friday 7 at hamilton falls. that place is awesome.
saturday 9 in putney
sunday 17 athens lookout
total 81 miles damn im tired

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  1. Thanks for coming Thursday! It was good to see Sontag too... implied Nick Cash.