Tuesday, July 28, 2015

7 20 to 7 26

mon woke up with a huge knot in my neck/shoulder area. i couldn't turn my head to the right. almost any movement was painful. i took a horse pill advil (800mg) and put icy hot on it. it helped a little. i wanted to run to see if id loosen up some, but the impact of a running step hurt a lot. i decided that i would at least walk for an hour. i ended up walking around keene for almost 3 hours. it was surprisingly enjoyable. i took another horse pill advil so i could try to bowl. it helped but i was still really uncomfortable. i bowled 7 games and didn't hit my average once. maybe ill feel better tomorrow.

tues 10 miles felt decent, neck is still sore but way better than yesterday.

weds neck is ok now, bowling was better (184 203 223)

thurs am- 5 with the kid, pm- 6

fri 6 with sontag and rocko. feeling tired from a ton of climbing the last 3 runs. ill probably take a few days off.

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