Tuesday, July 7, 2015

6 29 to 7 5

mon did yardwork at the eagle's house. the eagle is my grandfather but hes widely known as the eagle cuz he was bald at 23. at least i made it til i was 28. hes 88 now and cant do the handyman stuff he used to do. im still not very handy but after 5 summers of working at his house im approaching a respectable level. most of the time im just trying not to screw up. but now i know how to pull out rotting shingles and make new ones and put them in. i also know how to get a lawn mower to start when priming it and pulling the cord to the point of extreme frustration doesn't work. he said to take the top of the lawn mower off and pour some gas on the carburetor. it works. also got to vent with my grandmother about the celtics questionable draft picks. this 87 year old lady is why my family loves that team. she was going to celts games over 50 years ago and got to see bill russell play a ton of times. legit status. then i went bowling. it was weird bowling at different place, but i did ok. i averaged 199 for 7 games (202 215 177 201 203 202 192). great monday to follow up a great weekend.

tues/weds/thurs more yardwork, scraping and painting the house (green with white trim because of how much my grandmother loves the celts). struggled to run 4 miles weds. i used to have energy to hang out with friends after running working all day. i guess it takes more out of me than it used to. tough gettin old. hope i feel better than this at 4 on the 4th.

fri back to keene for some bowling. i was off today. missed a lot of easy spares. i guess if an off day is a 194 avg for 6 games, it means im getting better.

sat 6 miles, 4 on the 4th, 24:28. i felt terrible from the start. i guess i didn't recover from last weekend's all night racing. not worried about it.

sun 5 miles, felt a little better than yesterday


  1. Love the anecdotes about The Eagle and your grandmother. I love that generation.

    ps. sorry I used the word anecdote.