Monday, March 28, 2016

3 21 to 3 27

mon 8

tues pf

weds 5

thurs 5, pf

fri 3

sat 7 fast friends race. 28:45 for 4.5 miles. splits 623 632 624 629 257. a few years ago that pace wouldve left me frustrated for days. not anymore. felt great about how hard i worked. i was on fumes at 4 miles but made a move to get around 2 guys. i thought it was a bad idea but i did it anyway. i was dying but i held them off. as far as speed goes, i aint as good as i once was. but as far as effort is concerned, im as good once as i ever was.

sun wanted to work out but pf was closed. i think it was a holiday.

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