Wednesday, April 20, 2016

4 11 to 4 17

tues 5 miles sontag rocko cookie

weds pf

thurs track meet didn't get home til 8. the kid won the 800 in 221, won the long jump 17-4, ran 62 in the 4x4, and 13.0 in the 100. i could not beat any of those right now.

fri 6 miles track workout with sontag. it was tough to leave rocko behind but we had to do it. we didn't want to get too crazy the first time on the track this year, so we did 400s with 400 jog rest. i did 6x400 81 81 79 78 76 74. i didn't feel smooth at all but my legs felt fine with the pace. kind of weird to have both at the same time. i couldve kept going but i used my head for once and didnt push it. i want to be able to walk tomorrow. sontag was more badass than me. he wanted to do 8x400 under 90. he did way better than that 82 84 86 89 88 86 84 82.

sat/sun in rhody with the fam. really sore so i didnt run.

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