Sunday, February 13, 2011

2 7 11 to 2 13 11

monday 8 miles

tuesday 12 miles and 2 hours of fullcourt basketball. ill pay for that.

wednesday 0  wicked sore

thursday 15 miles

friday 8 miles

saturday 12 miles with a 5 mile 'race'. its hard to run a good time with tired legs, which hopefully explains why i had no response when a guy with an i pod and shorts over his tights passed me. at least i know its because i just went way up in mileage and my legs arent used to it yet. but i still expected to be faster than 31:39.
sunday 18 miles   i worked my ass off even though the other guys were just chillin, but i still feel good about it. this was a good run and a good week. now if i can just stay healthy and keep it going, i might start running fast again.

73 miles total

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