Wednesday, August 24, 2011

8 22 to 8 28

mon 6 tempo 40 min
tues 0
weds 9 2x2 mile 1232 1221 wanted to do 3x2 mile but I ran out of gas. No prob I feel good about it.
thurs 8 hinsdale fun run got the w in the 2.3 mile, which was good for the old confidence level.
fri 0
sat 8
sun 0 didnt run in the hurricane. instead spent most of the day outside watching the floods wash away a few hundred feet of our road. it was crazy. trees were getting snapped, and i saw an oil tank from someones house floating down the river. lost power at noon and no clue how long it will take to get it back on. the road is destroyed and looks like its gonna take a long time to repair it. the power of a flood is amazing and kinda scary.


  1. No Tetris highlights/reports?!?! Come on, man!

  2. i havent set up the nintendo yet. im probly gonna do that next week.