Monday, August 15, 2011

8 15 to 8 21

mon 10 found some new nintendo controllers. hopefully theyre better than the one i have, which is stickier than the victorias secret catalog i had when i was 14 (it wasnt mine- i borrowed it, and yes, of course i returned it. come on, you didnt think i was one of those people who borrow stuff and never give it back, did ya ? what kind of asshole does that?) but i digress...if these controllers are good, i might be able to break into my tetris top 5.

tues 0 went climbing at the garage. by 'climbing', i mean i watched computer mike, joe, and malnu climb while i threw down monster dunks on an 8 ft rim, did sets of pull ups, and maintained my chromium levels. i also shared my recent out of town adventures. while entertained by the story, they unfortunately revived my paranoia about personal cleanliness (just when i had stopped thinking about it). also, i just finished some serious blog surfing and posted a few comments. the words you have to type in afterwards are always weird (waxicula) but i got some real good ones tonight, very closely resembling the phrases 'hag nest' and 'full anus'. 

weds 9 track workout 550 417 248 80 77 didnt finish- hamstring was cramping and felt like it was gonna tear, so i observed rule #17. my times arent improving yet but the good news is that i was able to pick up the pace after starting too slow on all of these. its good to be back to having the legs responding when i want them to. the times will eventually improve.

thurs 5
fri /sat 0 had a strange incident where i banged knees with my friends dog, and i was in a lot of pain. this might seem ridiculous but it wasnt your average dog, it was a great dane. it hurt a lot and i limped for a few days.
sun 11


  1. Have I told you lately how odd of a human being you are? Classic post!

  2. Rule # 17 is fine, as long as you work up a Number Six on 'em in a race.

  3. This week's entries are legendary!