Tuesday, October 4, 2011

10 3 to 10 9

Tues 10 railbed tempo 9.5 miles 58:22 (3046/2736) my best day in a long time. I felt strong and got faster the whole way. I did this run a couple weeks ago at the same effort level and ran 6140. I've only been doing about 35 a week but I think eating better and dropping 12 extra pounds this past month has helped a lot. I feel light and fast again. Leanness is not overrated.
thurs 3x800 at practice on the xc course 255 253 242 i wasnt trying to do a workout but i felt pretty good so i went with it.
fri 11 i guess yesterday was enough of a workout to make me too sore to run fast again today. advil wouldve helped a lot but i quit taking it a couple months ago.
sat 23 with sontag 3:10 on the hardest climbs around town. that dude will be ready to run a huge pr at cape cod. i had bad lower ab and groin pain the whole way, but i had to do this run. when a friend asks for help with marathon training, how can you say no?

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  1. Boj, saturday I am requiring you to be able to run a easy 5 with me...that is all