Tuesday, October 18, 2011

10 17 to 10 23

Tues 16 2:03 didn't feel good but it was a good run for Sontag. He is set to run a big pr at cape cod.
Thurs 13 back to the old railbed. I like it way more than the track, but next week I'll be gettin back to weds workouts. Today I was trying to do 2x 3k-2k-1k with 2 min rest and 4 min between sets. The paces were half mp, 10 mile, and 10k race pace. I felt sluggish out there. I wouldve liked to have at least felt flat but it was worse than that. Still, I managed to run close to or maybe even right on pace. At worst, it was about 7 miles at or below 6 min pace, so still a quality effort.
saturday 15 we had a big group that got up early and ran 8, then we went to breakfast, played some golf on the worst course ever (still fun though), then me and matty p went out for another 7. then greg and jen got married and we all had a great time at the reception/hermathon.

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