Tuesday, October 25, 2011

10 24 to 10 30

mon 12 1:19 good time for this run, especially considering that i totally backed off the second half. It should help me avoid being too sore to run a good workout weds. It's the first time on the track in a while so i want to feel good out there.
tues 5 took it easy, not sore, the plans working so far. I'll really find out tomorrow.
weds workout 4(4-4-8) 83,81,241,80,79,240,78,78,236,75,77,230. Very happy with this. Thanks to brad and james for helping me push the last 800. They jumped in at key spots on it and it made me speed up. i pretended that they werent my friends and i was racing them so i had to beat them. Does that make me bad? i only thought that way on the last 8, so maybe not. Anyway, i know i could not have done it alone, so a big thanks to them. I liked running in the dark. It seemed to make me focus more on form and watching where I was going, and it made everything go by faster. Good workout. 12 miles (or according to brads gps, 6.4) also, i dont know why some words are randomly green and double underlined. it irritates the @%#$ out of me! i didnt click on any of them, but hopefully its not a link to some hardcore naked she-male fiesta site. not that theres anything wrong with that. if that stuff is your secret passion, its fine, no judgement, ill still be your friend. but since i get so many views (about 5 a day, shits blowin up), id rather not have it be linked to this blog. eh what the hell, ill click on it.
fri 10 with ferenc fyffe najem and george. Good to be back to running with the group again and not getting dropped on easy runs.

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