Wednesday, December 21, 2011

12 19 to 12 25

having an ok running week. ran every day, no more achilles pain. having a good tetris week. got into my top five 4 times.
mon 7
tues 3
weds 8 tried to workout but couldnt get rolling. did some 4s and 2s, then bagged it. did 100x pushups, dips, crunches. i should probly try to get in a routine with that stuff.
thurs 10
fri 6
sat 10 had a way better day on the track. 3k 956, ran smarter, 8 sec slower at the mile (521), made up the 8 sec over the next 4 laps, and ran the last 3 laps 11 sec faster than last week. then i did the mile in 512. id have liked to run faster, but at least i won the heat and ran a big negative split (241/231).
sun- did 100 pushups, 140 dips, 120 crunches

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