Wednesday, December 7, 2011

12 5 to 12 11

mon legs super tired, a slow half hour was a struggle
tues easy 10 not feeling much better
weds workout 4x1200, 400 rest 426,424,412,409 this felt easy but i decided to shut it down due to an annoying problem, achilles bursitis. i had it exactly a year ago and its not fun. i really wanted to do the last 1200 because i felt like i couldve gone way under 4 min, but i had to be smart about it. usually this kind of thing isnt as bad as tendinitis, but it might force me to take a few days off. last year i had to take a week off to make it go away. not what i want at all, since training has been going so well lately. hopefully it wont last long. i did have a good night of tetris though. got over 400k twice with a high of 427,033. i had a great game going until at a key moment (of course), my thumb cracked and it made me push the left button an extra time. that put the piece in the wrong spot, which messed up the rest of that game. too bad. i think i had a chance at 500k. if i dont run tomorrow and friday (i also dont have to work friday) at least I'll have plenty of time for a shot at beating my record.
thurs tetris 474,116
fri the day off seems to have helped with the bursitis, ill be able to race tomorrow. i also got some arnica gel and i think it helped too. now its tetris time.
sat 10 jingle bell 5k. in my first 2 races back, i had a hard time getting it to really hurt. i knew i could run faster, but for some reason i wasnt able to push like i should. ive been able to do it on railbed tempo runs this fall but not when it really counted. so for this race, the goal was to be able to hurt the way ive able to make myself hurt in workouts. i didnt really have a time goal because i figured if i made it hurt enough the time would take care of itself. i definitely made my goal, but i was kind of dumb about it. i took off way too fast the first minute or two, and i was hurting a half mile in. i hit the mile in 523, which would have been ok if the course was flat. unfortunately there was a hill waiting for me a minute later. i kept fighting hard but i got my ass kicked. five people passed me. i was so worked the long downhill that followed didint help me recover. i ran a 6 min mile. i kept digging down and held my position from that point to the finish but i was falling apart bad. i managed a 542 last mile but that was alli had. my last 0.1 was 36 sec, 6 min pace. i think i will award myself the 'worlds worst kick' trophy for that one. i ended up in 10th, 17:42. ugh. i was pleased with my effort though. im not happy with my time, but i know its because i raced stupid. i didnt have any problems with my bursitis, which was cool.
sun 8 the plan was to do the clearing with najem from our house. fyffe was running too. the weather was great. i did not feel great. at first, my achilles was fine but the back of my right knee was tight and pushing off was not an enjoyable feeling. going up beech hill, my knee loosened up some, but my achilles was starting to get irritated. i thought back to last year when this happened (the pain got so bad i couldnt run anymore. i had to walk 5 miles out of pisgah back to gregs house. i was freezing). i didnt want to have to walk 7 miles from the top of clearing back to my house. i turned around in case the same thing happened again. it turned out to be a good decision. about a mile from home the bursitis had worsened and i had to walk from there. last year i took four days off and then i was ok, so im gonna try that again. i really wanted to do that run with them. to make matters worse, the running injuries turned out to be bowling injuries as well. it hurt to bend down and i was off balance on most throws. i bowled 50 points per game below my average. i let the guys down but luckily they had some good games, epecially najem. on friday ill try an easy run to find out if the time off helped.

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  1. My fingers are crossed, Boj. Not for your health and inflammatin--they're crossed for your new record. It could potentially pull the country out of this dismal economic crap show. Keep us posted.