Sunday, December 18, 2011

12 12 to 12 18

fri 4 achilles is feelin fine after 4 days off. ill try to race tomorrow, but i shouldnt expect a 3k pr right after taking that time off.
sat 8 good thing i wasnt looking to pr today. through the mile (5:13), i felt ok and i was only a second off pr pace. i knew i felt slightly more worked than i should have felt though. to say the wheels came off after that is not accurate. more like i got hit by a train. i went backwards really bad. at one point i opened my eyes (yes they were closed at times. i didnt realize it.) and i was not on the track anymore. i took a few steps on the infield before i got my balance, got back on the right side of the rail, and got back to the suffering. i still had six laps to go. it felt like it took an hour to run another four minutes. my pace slowed to a crawl. i was hurting. im sure it was painful for people to watch. i dont know what kept me from dropping out, but i finished in 10:07, which was my worst 3k time by 20 seconds. ouch. the good news was that my achilles felt fine. after a long rest (too long-i was out of food and getting hungry) it was time to get loose for the 800. i wanted to redeem myself for what happened earlier. i wouldnt get the chance. i started to feel tightness and irritation in the achilles. i tried some strides to see if it would work itself out. it didnt. i scratched. oh well.
sun 18 with najem and hammett. really cold- 12 degrees when we started. i was not expecting to finish this run. my achilles was tight but it never got worse. we had a great run. the view at the clearing was awesome. when we were running across otter brook dam, greg said, 'dams are cool'. i agree. now its bowling time. my legs feel ok, so it should be a better night than last time.

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