Friday, February 10, 2012

2 6 to 2 12

mon felt terrible all day at work. got home and went to bed til the the next morning
tues 12 feel way better
weds 10 bagged the workout after a mile and some 400s. dont know why but i couldnt get moving at all.
thurs 7 same problem. i had planned on trying to get a tempo in because i didnt do that much yesterday, but again the legs were saying 'screw you buddy, we dont wanna do this'.
fri tempo 14 in 1:33. probably not the best thing to do two days before a race, but I decided i didn't care. i felt bad all week and today I felt good, so i went with it. kept it under control tho, so i might end up feeling decent sunday.
sun 12 burlingame 15k trail race 62:52. i was definitely feeling flat from fridays semi-workout, but i put a solid effort in. the course was awesome, almost all single track.

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