Monday, April 16, 2012

4 16 to 4 22

mon 8 the time off helped. i felt good.
tues 8 didnt feel as good as yesterday
weds 8 feeling terrible again
fri 10 legs ache and were sluggish

sometimes its hard to see or admit whats wrong until someone points it out to you, which then confirms what you suspected. last summer, i was struggling on easy runs, so greg said i had to take some time off because i was overtrained. he was right. when i checked the logs, i saw i had gone way up in mileage way too fast. the past few weeks it was happening again. i was out of breath and my heart was pounding and i felt taxed at normally very easy paces. this time, it was matty p who pointed out what shouldve been obvious to me. as one of my countless die-hard blog followers, he had looked at my training and saw that i didnt allow myself any recovery after the 50k. i thought about how i had run 14 and 18 milers only 4 and 5 days after the race, so he was right. i had gotten caught up in what other people were doing (george and ferenc didnt need any time off, so i figured i didnt either) and tried to do it too. big problem. this time, ill take mattys advice to allow my body at least a week to get itself recovered, pick a goal race a few months down the line, and come up with a plan to gradually build up the mileage. if the plan works, ill hammer taints at the pisgah 50k.

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  1. yo yo yo yo...May 18th Ill be in KEENE for the bedford race you going???