Sunday, September 23, 2012

9 17 to 9 23

mon took the day off from work. walked a couple miles. probably couldve run, but no need to hurry a recovery week.
tues 2 miles at practice. felt fine, not too sore, just tired.
weds 3 at practice, felt good. 2 more when i got home.
thurs 6 calf really sore at first but loosened up after a couple miles. got killed at bowling, again.
fri xc meet, also lost my phone. not good.
sat wood stacking world record, hermathon, adult conversation
sun 7 in 48 min. beech hill and concord rd. felt great so i ran fast. the 2 mile climb went by fast and easy. i forgot how good it feels to run on fresh legs. that wont last long though. next week its time to start gettin after it again.

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