Thursday, September 6, 2012

9 3 to 9 9

tues 13
weds 12 ordered new kinvaras. need them bad. feet and joints starting to get sore.
thurs 14 (10 miles hard effort) and bowling vs najem. i went into it down 96 pins after the first week. i was thinking if i got back 4 pins each week i would be back in it by springtime. i was far more fortunate than that. i had a good night and naj didnt. he didnt get many breaks. he rolled better than what his scores show. results: scores- me 175,162,202,171,196. naj 165,150,148,182,150. total pins- me 906, naj 795. best 3 in a row- me 569, naj 480. wins- me 4, naj 1. averages- me 181.2 naj 159.0 dickout gutterballs- none. i made up 111 pins, and after two weeks im up 15. i couldve done better though. i missed a lot of easy spares and struggled to hit the pocket at times. hopefully i can fix that next week.
sat 21 in a downpour. a lot of fun. only 8 days to go until the 50k. this was my last run of any significant distance, and it was easy. finished fast the last two miles and felt great. i think its a good sign that im ready. in shitty news, my car wont start and i have poison ivy everywhere from the knees down. the silver lining: at least its not everywhere from the waist down.
sun 10 poison ivy is spreading, but at least its only made it halfway up my quads.
total- 70


  1. Your Saturday reads like "The Catcher In The Rye 2.0"

  2. i once considered reading version 1.0 of catcher in the rye. that was before someone told me it wasnt about baseball.