Thursday, November 15, 2012

11 12 to 11 18

mon 12 i was planning on doing the railbed tempo, but i could tell after the first mile that it wasnt happening. i shut it down and just ran comfortably until the turnaround. i figured i would try to run one fast mile just to see if i could get anything going. it was one of the toughest 6 min miles i ever ran. bummer. i had nothing today, so i went back to just running. at 10 miles i thought maybe if could run another 6 min mile that late into it, then the run wouldnt be a total loss. i was able to do it, but it wasnt easy. i guess for a day when felt horrible, it wasnt too bad. i really need my new kinvaras to get here. my joints are aching. might be why i felt so shitty.
tues easy 7 on the robin hood park trails. felt ok other than the sore knees and ankles. finished in the dark. i dont recommend doing that after spending the previous 2 days watching 20 episodes of the walking dead. every noise i heard had me ready to pick up a huge rock and crush the skull of a groaning blood dripping zombie.
weds 0 i planned on working out, but i totally screwed myself on that. i stayed up almost the whole night watching more of the walking dead. i am totally hooked. i got about 2 hours of sleep, so i was tired when i showed up at the track. then i realized i forgot my watch at home. i took it as a sign that i should bag it, bank on the new kicks being there when i got back, and workout tomorrow. i felt bad leaving cuz andy was the only other one there, but i think i made the right move. also, im caught up on all the episodes so i wont be up all night watching them.
thurs 12 solid night of sleep, new shoes, track workout. ran from my house to the track (4.5 mi), then did 4x200, 2x400, 4x200 (39,38,37,37,78,75,36,35,34,33). i felt better and better the further into it i went (thats what she said? probly not). started the run home with a 2 mile tempo, then did a 2.5 mi cooldown. not bad for the first time on the track since march. no bowling, naj hurt his achilles. hope its not serious.
sun 15 gave the calf a few days rest and it helped with the soreness. it didnt help with running fast. i ran the lil rhody runaround. i tried to race it but at 4 miles i was done. i switched into 'just enjoy being out there mode'. it worked. i wasnt fustrated about how i ran. that made it so i could enjoy seeing all of my friends get their best times. 

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