Tuesday, November 6, 2012

11 5 to 11 11

mon 13 calf sore, felt good other than that. i could say that about every run in the last 6 weeks. its not that bad, i guess. or maybe im just getting used to it.
tues 17 ran hard up beech hill (1.85 miles uphill, 13:53), hit the trails at the top, then ran hard back down (10:20). 3 mile cooldown, 10 total. then i busted out the headlamp and ran 7 on the trails with some friends from work.
thurs bowling i had an average night and naj had a great night. the lane was slippery, the worst ever by a lot. i just couldnt get used to it. it didnt affect naj that much. the scores will confirm that. me (169,190,164,169,202) naj (187,191,212,195,183). my lead took a serious hit. good thing that the first week we said that total pins (not win/loss) will decide the winner, or id be totally screwed. either way, i have to do better next week.
fri 13 did 3 sets of the 6 min-5-4-3-2-1 with 1 min rest in between. i usually do 2 sets but i felt good.
sat sap lines 13 with ferencs dogs and the neighbors dog. went the opposite direction, which meant going up the switchbacks. it was the first time i made it to the top without walking or stopping. i had ferencs gps watch so i was constanly looking at the elevation changes. it was cool. the 2 big climbs are both about a mile long and over 700 feet of gain. maybe that doesnt look that bad, but it seems twice as hard as that when youre out there doing it.

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