Wednesday, November 28, 2012

11 26 to 12 2

mon 7
tues 8
weds 10 track workout, only the 2nd one in 8 months. 2,2,4,4,8,4,4,2,2 (37,37,79,77,244,77,74,34,33). for a long time this year ive felt tight and uneven, like i had one leg longer than the other. not today. i felt smooth for the first time in a long time. considering the huge amount of time away from the track, i am very pleased with how it went.
thurs bowling was awesome. i had my best night ever (161,190,224,180,266) 1021 total. 9 strikes the last game (5 in a row, spare, 4 in a row, spare). if i had gotten a strike in the last frame, it would have been my best game. i did get my best 3 game series though. i finally capitalized on a rare off night by naj (811). he had been lighting it up the last couple of weeks. now im up by 275.
fri 13 advil wouldve really helped on this one. i was incredibly sore in my hips and groin, but mentally i was able to let my mind go. that made it so at least some of the time i didnt notice how bad i felt. this was no doubt the most uncomfortable run ive had lately. the good news is i know ill feel better tomorrow, cuz its just not possible to feel worse than i did today.
sat 10 with ferenc. he is getting better really fast.
sun 14 the clearing. ran it really tough. i was tired on the climbs, but thats what happens the day after running in saxtons river.


  1. Nice workout. Switching to the 25lb composite ball has really paid off. Now if we can get you to just follow through.

  2. thanks ace. the 25 lb composite def helps. only problem is my right arm is now about twice the size of my left (from bowling, of course). i might need to roll a few games lefty to even it out. i also need to make sure i follow thru over the the top of the ball, then maybe ill knock down some pins. i didnt do that on the two strikes i missed. i never thought id say this but a perfect game doesnt seem impossible anymore. good luck at rhody.