Wednesday, November 6, 2013

10 21 to 11 3

mon 10 miles 150p 500c
tues 150c 700c
weds 10 miles first track workout of the year 517 237 239 77 76 76 74 way better than i expected
thurs 200p 600c bowled a 212 and 206 closed it out with 5 strikes in a row. only bad thing was the 135 first game
fri 200p 600c
sat 13 did the vistas run in pisgah 121:58 got my best time in 7 years and only 38 sec off my best. i think i wouldve beaten it but i had a few near wipe outs on the downhills slipping on leaves so i ran them carefully after that. def cost me some time.
sun 7 miles 300p 500c pullups 5 sets of 10
totals 40 miles 1000c 3000c

mon 7 miles 200p 800c
tues 100p 400c
weds 9 miles track workout 8x400, 200 rest 79 78 76 76 75 74 72 70 rough start, felt horrible but kept it goin and started feelin better and ended up where i wanted to be. 100p 400c
thurs 100p 400c
fri 13 miles sap lines at ferencs 300p 1000c
sat 200p 500c
sun 11 miles tried for 60 min for 10 miles on the railbed. i was at 43 min at 7 but struggling bad so i shut it down. 200p 500c curls
totals 40 miles 1200p 4000c

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  1. Boj - nice workouts! See you at Li'l Rhody?