Wednesday, August 5, 2015

7 27 to 8 2

mon 5 miles solo in friedsam. it was really hot. i was planning on two loops but i had trouble finishing the first one. oh well. at least i got to chill with griffin and take her for a walk. i brought her to see rocko and they had a big time pissing contest. he followed her around and pissed everywhere she did. it went on for a long time. it finally ended when he lifted his leg and nothing came out. game over. hilarious. bowling was bad. i dont remember the scores cuz right now its about a week and a half later.

weds 6 with the kid. we stopped to eat blueberries that were growing under the power lines. if i grew up there it would explain why im so messed up, but hes been doing that his whole life and hes totally normal. go figure. bowling was good, but couldve been better. i had a 226 practice game before league and my wrist felt the best its felt since i hurt it last month. i was finally able to throw it the way keith taught me. the first game of league i started with front 7 (7 strikes). then i missed my target by a board (1 board on the lane, about an inch) on the next 2 frames and got tough splits. i didn't make them. ended up with a 231. that was the first game i thought i had a shot at a perfect game. the next 2 games were solid 192 209.

thurs went to rhody for the rehearsal for my cousins wedding. this was the start of two nights of highly elevated chromium levels.

friday was the wedding and we continued to maintain the levels. we took one of the trolleys from the hotel in newport to the church in bristol. we got there an hour early cuz the trolley had to go back to bring the bridal party there. we were hungry so we started the search for an establishment to get lunch. it was probly an odd sight to see 12 guys in matching suits walking the streets at 2 in the afternoon. i think 12 groomsmen has to be a world record. we found a place and all of us ordered corned beef and a beverage. we realized we would be pressed for time. it seemed like we we had been there 5 min when undrunkles (my uncle who quit drinking 2 years ago) said it was time to go. i had half a sandwich and a lot of fries on my plate. i grabbed as much as i could and left. i headed back to the church with half of a corned beef sandwich in one hand and some fries in the other. i finished the last bite as i walked up the steps to the church. real classy. after the wedding, the rest of the festivities went by fast but i had a lot of fun. at the end of the night i realized there were 10 people staying in the room i was planning on staying in and there was no room for me to sleep. i got a pillow and blanket from the front desk and headed out to my car. i listened to the radio and had a stogie (is that how you spell it?). then i folded down my back seats and went to sleep around 3 am.

saturday i woke up at 730 feeling better than i expected. breakfast wasn't til 9 so i decided to go into town to get a coffee. my car wouldn't start. $%#@! i had the radio on too long! idiot. it felt like 15 min last night but clearly it was way more than that. of course i was parked nose in and with cars on both sides so i couldn't get a jump from anyone. i had to call triple-a so they could bring the long jumper cables. i waited a long time and i missed breakfast. oh well, i smell. i did a lot of sleeping the rest of the day.

sunday worked at the eagles house. another early night. i dont recover the way i used to.

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