Monday, June 20, 2016

6 13 to 6 19

mon 10 miles 71 min. i was feeling good so really went for it. started out at a quick pace and was rolling along, then the soreness came and it really slowed me down. its harder to run fast on technical trails once that happens because my knee wont bend all the way. i had to slow down a lot so i wouldnt trip, but it still happened a lot. i went down hard once but this time i was able to avoid rocks. i had a lot left when i finished. its a good sign for my fitness but it might also mean that im not going to be fast on trails anymore. too bad cuz that has been a strength for me the last ten years. i don't want to keep mentioning all the times my knee is a problem, but its become a huge factor in every run. i really hope it gets better but i dont expect it to. i guess ill just keep going till i cant go anymore.

tues 5 with the kid. i didnt feel too bad. but we took it really easy.

weds pf

thurs pf

fri 4 with rocko and a different kid from the team

sat could've gone to pf but decided to play wiffle all day. i wasn't counting, but i hit about 10 homers in 3 games. as usual, greg told me how much he hates me.

sun 4 miles, pf

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