Thursday, September 1, 2011

8 29 to 9 3

mon 14 in pisgah 1:34. hard effort, killed myself to stay with the gazelles. extremely pleased. starting to get the poker face back. and yes, i love that frign song. i was going to do that at a karaoke party last week but someone had just sang it, so i did bad romance instead. what you didnt think i was a lady gaga fan?

tues 0 rode a bike all afternoon looking at the flood damage in town. rt 121 is an absloute mess. the road is gone in many places and the power lines are across the road. a couple of houses unfortunately got completely destroyed. theres a covered bridge with trees in it. bellows falls has power but we still dont. its kinda boring but im not complaining at all cuz theres a lot of people who have it way worse.

weds 8 my road was fixed enough so i could drive across, so went to weds workout and did 3x mile with 400 rest (606, 603,548). i was really tired from mondays effort and from the biking but i am pleased with my effort level. i ran big negative splits on all 3 miles. im still nowhere near where i want to be but i feel like im making progress.

thurs 7 great run, rock chased a deer and i had a good view of it. hes one of the fastest dogs ive ever seen, but today he took it to a new level. the deer was going all out and he found a gear ive never seen him use before and he was catching up to the deer, then in an amazing display of instinct shut-off, he came back when we called him. that is one fast dingo. and yes, he eats babies.

fri 0 worked on the xc course a school for 6 hrs, cutting brush and raking

sat 8 ran fast did 2 miles with fyffe which means i ran tempo pace, then sprinted all over the the alumni race course to watch in as many places as possible, so it was kind of like doin 8x200. good to run fast.

sun 3 did not feel good, not worried about it.

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  1. I heard Barack Obama eats babies too...(it was on Fox News so it must be true)