Wednesday, September 7, 2011

9 5 to 9 11

mon 8 went to a race with pipp and goup. i felt like shit during the warmup and raced like shit as well. the course was tough but i couldnt believe how hard it was to only run 7 min pace. i didnt bother cooling down. when you dont run fast theres no need to.

tues 0 worked on xc course trying to divert the water but it didnt really work. all i ended up doing was moving the knee deep water from one place on the trail to another place further down the hill. it was so much fun though.

weds 11 (2 at practice, 9 at the workout) 6x800, 400 rest. i felt absolutely terrible warming up, but when i got on the track i felt ok, then as i got further into it i started feeling better, and ended up feeling better than i have in months, as the times will indicate. 257 256 252 250 244 235. thanks to james and brad. couldnt have done it without them. i was pumped to hit that 235. i think the last time i ran that fast was in feb or march. only 5 of us today but we all killed it. awesome day.

Thurs 3 really sore

Fri 8

Sat 10 64:40 ran as hard as i could. Not concerned with being 7 min slower than my best time on this run. The effort was there, so I feel good about it.

Sun 10 railbed with james


  1. Nice workout Boj. Keep after it, it will come back

  2. Thanks for a fun workout man, that was great. Keep it fun.