Wednesday, September 14, 2011

9 12 to 9 18

mon 8
tues 13 railbed workout 3x .95mi 535 514 519 + 1.5 mi hard tempo 840. it got dark sooner than i expected and it was hard to see on the way back. i think i would have been faster if it was lighter, but it was a good workout. for months, i wasnt able to feel like i was running as hard as i could, but now i think i got it back.
weds 0 middle school xc race
Fri 5
Sat really tough 5k in brattleboro, only ran 19 min but I feel it was a sub 18 effort. Still goin in the right direction.
Sun 9 during the Pisgah race, great year to watch the 50k instead of running it, solid hermathon after

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  1. Boj,

    Just wondering if you are running Sunday, and if so, which race? Hope to see you there.

    Bye now,