Tuesday, November 1, 2011

10 31 to 11 6

mon 9 ran from school, did the 8 mile tempo in 52:56. its real hilly out there, so i was pleased with it. also, i was able to run close to my best time for this one, despite leaving quite a bit in the tank. i might try to get into a routine of running the monday tempo under control, so as not to be too sore or tired run a good weds workout, but still fast enough where it is a quality effort. it worked last week, so im expecting it to work again. then ill save saturdays for the hard tempo or race.

tues 6 felt ok, not too sore or tired, should be able to have a good one tomorrow.

weds 14 track workout. got to the track and it had 3 inches of snow on the top turn almost the whole way. i did the math afterwards and it added about about 2 sec each time i ran on it. the plan was simple: 5x400 at 3k pace, mile at 10k, 5x300 at mile pace, 1200 at 5k, 5x200 at faster than mile pace, and 800 at whatever pace i was still able to do (by the time i got there i was expecting 3 min). the rest between the short stuff (4,3,2) was 1 min, and 5 min before and after the long stuff (mile,12,8). ok not so simple. i wasnt sure if i could do the whole thing, but the results were good, especially considering the snow. 80,79,82,81,81, 539, 57,56,57,56,57, 405, 37,37,37,36,35, 236. overall it wasnt too hard to hit these times until the 800, which was really tough. the soreness in my groin the whole time was the hardest thing, but i have to put up with it since im not taking advil anymore. very pleased with this workout.

thurs 10 took it easy, real tired

sat 13  1:24 wasnt expecting much from myself today, based on friday nights chromium loading, so this was a pleasant surprise. although, im pretty sure id have run under 1:20 if i had felt good enough to eat something first and didnt have a killer headache and stomach ache, so ill take it.